1. Energy is put into two categories.. What are they?
    Conventional and Alternative
  2. Describe conventional
    well established source of energy such as oil, natural gas, coal, hyrdro and nuclear electricity
  3. Alternative
    non conventional energy source such as solar,wind and biomass energy
  4. What is coal used primarily for?
    • Heating of homes,
    • sometimes heating of other things
  5. What are the three different types of coal
    • anthracite coal
    • bituminous coal
    • lignite coal
  6. anthrarite coal
    • formed under great pressure
    • clean burning
    • use mainly for commercial and residential heating
  7. bituminous
    • less pressure
    • burns with smoky flame
    • used mostly for heating and for fuel of manufacturing industries
  8. lignite coal
    • formed near surface of earth where pressure of overlying sediments is relatively low
    • soft and inexpensive
    • used almost entirely as fuel in thermal electric plants
  9. How is coal formed
    coal is formed from the remains of trees and plants that grew in swampy areas 300 to 350 years ago. Plants did not decay because of the low oxgen levels in the swampy water. Layers of sediments went on it and after many years, coal was formed (with the help of natural chemical changes)
  10. Where is the majority of Canada's coal found
    Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta
  11. How do you recover oil
    • Flowing wells
    • Non flowing wells
  12. describe flowing wells
    natural pressure forces oil and gas to surface. at surface, flow is then controlled by a series of valves call the christmas tree
  13. non flowing wells
    not enough pressure to make the oil and gas flow to the surface, electric or gasoline powered pumps must be used.
  14. How is Electricity produced?
    By a generator, all shapes and sizes
  15. What are the three main ways to get electricity
    • Hydroelectric generating station
    • Thermal electric generating station
    • nuclear electric generating station
  16. Describe Hydro electric generating system
    • facility that generates electricity through the movement of water from a higher to a lower elevation
    • can be built anywhere with reliable^
  17. Where is it maily located
    Mostly in Quebec, some in Ontario and British Columbia
  18. What are some advantages to hydroelectricity
    • * Doesn't produce air pollution or carbon dioxide because no burning of fossil feuls
    • *Cheap to operate because it doesnt run by feul
    • *runs off a renewable resource; water
    • * reservoir can be used for recreation(if there is one)
  19. Disadvantages
    • *exoensive to build
    • *Suitable sights are often too far away from where electricty is needed; costly transmission lines must be built
    • *Dams can cause flooding; releases dangerous chemicals from underneath the rocks(mercury)
    • *change of water flow may damage habitat of ecolgy and animals
  20. Describe Thermal
    • facility that generates electricity from the use of steam produced by heat from burning feul such as coal, oil and natural gas
    • can be built almost anywhere
  21. Locationm
    Mostly new brunswick and Nova scotia, some in lower ontario
  22. Advantages
    • cost of transmission low because plants can be built near urbanized area
    • plants can be built where feul is readily available
    • Less expensive than other types to build
  23. Nuclear Energy
    place where energy in the form of heat, is generated by splitting attoms of radioactive material(uranium) then is used to generate electricity
  24. Where is nuclear energy found?
    in our area
  25. advantages
    • *transmission costs are low; built where energy is needed
    • *operation costs are low, especially in early years
    • *Canada has an abundant supply of uranium
    • *do not produce air pollution or carbon dioxide
  26. Disadvantages
    • * building costs are high
    • *Radioactive material is very harmful, if leaked could harm thousands
    • *waste products remain harmful for 100 000 years; still no solution to disposing properly
    • *as reactors age, the become more reliable-replace or rebuild= expensive
  27. Can Electricity be traded
    YES! we import is aswell
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