Quiz 2.3

  1. Neurons that carry information between neurons
    b. are called _____.

    B. interneurons
  2. The autonomic system is divided into which two systems?

    D. sympathetic and parasympathetic
  3. The right and left hemisphere of the cerebrum are connected by the _____.

    D. corpus callosum
  4. Acute treatment for spinal cord injury includes _____.

    B. immobilization
  5. What cranial nerve is chiefly responsible for eye movements?

    A. oculomotor
  6. After a plan for movement has been developed, it leaves the _____ and connects with neurons in the thalamus.

    C. motor cortex
  7. The third, innermost layer of the meninges is called the _____.

    A. pia mater
  8. The internal anatomy of the brain has which structure?

    C. white matterĀ surrounded by gray matter
  9. Which of the following is a medical disorder in which the myelin in the CNS has been destroyed?

    D. Multiple sclerosis
  10. A subdural hematoma would be between the _____.

    D. dura mater and the arachnoid mater
  11. Which part of the spinal cord carries sensory information?

    B. the dorsal root
  12. Heartbeat, breathing, and the cardiovascular system are controlled by the _____.

    D. medulla oblongata
  13. An injection of a local anesthetic into the spinal column is called a(n) _____.

    B. epidural
  14. Myelin is a lipid insulation produced by the _____.

    D. ependymal cells
  15. Which structure in the diencephalon relays information to the cerebrum?

    A. the thalamus
  16. A _____ is aused by disruption of blood flow to a portion of the brain due to either hemorrhage or blood clot.

    C. both a and b
  17. Inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord is called _____.

    A. meningitis
  18. When a cell becomes stimulated (excited) _____.

    B. sodium gates in the cell membrane spring open
  19. This type of glia cell attacks microbes and removes debris.

    D. microglia
  20. Impulses are conducted rapidly if _____ is present.

    A. myelin
  21. What is the largest part of the brain?

    B. the cerebrum
  22. What number cranial nerve is the vagus nerve?

    B. VIII
  23. The part of the nervous system that is located outside the brain and spinal cord is called the _____ system.

    B. peripheral nervous
  24. The autonomic nervous system is a subdivision of the _____.

    A. peripheral nervous system
  25. Where are the neurons for the autonomic system located?

    A. in the spinal cord and brain stem
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