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  1. melanophores
    responsible for change in color
  2. hemipenes
    each of the paired male reproductive organs in snakes and lizards
  3. viviparous
    bringing forth live young that have developed inside the body of the parent
  4. ovoviviparous
    • amniotic eggs hatch internally
    • half way between live birth and egg laying
    • occurs in lizards and snakes
  5. wait and watch
    type of predator
  6. seek and search
    predators that are on the move, they're active foragers
  7. kinetic skull
    • can change the shape of skull
    • can split the dentary (middle of lower jaw) in half so their mouth opens wider
  8. pregnant coloration
    develop color to signal to other males that she is sexually unreceptive
  9. pit organ
    located next to the nostril in snakes and it senses heat
  10. fringe-toed lizard
    • modified characteristics to live in sand dunes
    • upper lip folds over lip
    • flaps over the ears
    • sand cant get into their eyes
    • adaptations for burrowing sand
    • have fringes on their toes
  11. caudal anatomy
    • ability to lose tail whenever they want
    • helps them avoid predation
  12. cryptic coloration
    • signal colors on their tummy
    • blue ventral to demonstrate dominationf
  13. venom gland
    • modified saliva gland
    • located in cheekish area
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