Reptiles I

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  1. pelvic girdle
    the enclosing structure formed by the pelvis, providing attachment for the hind limbs or pelvic fins
  2. pectoral girdle
    the skeletal framework that provides attachment for the forelimbs or pectoral fins, usually consisting of the scapulas and clavicles
  3. Anapsid
    one opening in skull
  4. synapsid
    • one hole in skull and another opening in temple that connects with the muscle
    • mammals
  5. diapsid
    • 2 openings in temple for muscle attachment
    • reptiles
  6. uric acid
    form of waste
  7. urea
    form of waste, urine
  8. amniotic egg
    mini pond so eggs dont have to be in water in order to hatch
  9. amnion
    • fluid filled cavity for embryo
    • shock absorber for movement
    • inside amniotic egg
  10. chorion
    • respiration surface
    • like a lung
    • inside amniotic egg
  11. allantois
    • metabolic waste storage
    • trashcan
    • inside amniotic egg
  12. carapace
    hard shell on dorsal side of turtles
  13. plastron
    ventral shell of turtles
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