Biology 172 Exam 2 Mature Seed Structure

  1. Eudicot mature seed contains:
    • seed coat
    • hypocotyls
    • radicle
    • epidcotyl
    • plumule
    • endosperm (may or may not be present)
  2. What is a seed coat?
    integuments of the ovule (eudicot)
  3. What are hypocotyls?
    embryo below the cotyledon attachment point (eudicot)
  4. what is a radicle?
    terminal end of the hypocotyl (eudicots & monocots)
  5. what is epicotyl?
    embry above the cotyledon attachment point (eudicot)
  6. what is plumule?
    embryonic leaves (eudicots & monocots)
  7. monocot mature seed structure:
    • scutellum
    • coleoptile
    • coleorhiza
    • radicle
    • plumule
    • endosperm
  8. What is scutellum?
    cotyledon in monocot
  9. what is coleoptile?
    sheath enclosing the epicotyle in monocot
  10. what is coleorhiza?
    sheath enclosing the hypocotyls in monocots
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