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  1. What is the mechanical advantage on the canopy? how much force is required?
    • oil-filled struts
    • 30lbs
  2. How many overcentering hooks are on the canopy?
  3. how is the pressure seal inflated? When?
    • bleed air is taken of the anit-G system
    • weight-off-whees right main gear
  4. Do not open the canopy if the winds exceed ____mph.
  5. To open canopy from outside:
    • press and hold the unlock button in while rotating the handle clockwise
    • lift the canopy open
  6. How to check for proper engagement of the canopy hooks?
    • Lift the lock release lever
    • Canopy/MASTER WARN light illuminate
    • Canopy handle does not rotate aft
    • Release lock release lever
    • lights should extinguish
  7. How much force is required to pull the CFS handle?
  8. Activating the external CFS handles will do what to the canopy?
    active explosives for BOTH front and rear transparencies
  9. How to activate the external CFS handle?
    • open spring loaded door
    • pull T-handle and extend lanyard the full 10'
    • face away from a/c and pull lanyard
  10. What is the benefit of using piezoelectric crystals in the CFS charge?
    they do not require electricity to work
  11. What kind of charge is in the front transparency?
    Flexible linear shaped charge (FLSC)
  12. What kind of charge is in the rear transparency?
    Mild detonation cord (MDC)
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