Artist Study Cards Pt 1

  1. Peter Max (1937 - ) 

    Max’s imagination and vision can be found in over 100 museums and galleries worldwide and on a variety of canvases, including the Berlin Wall, a Boeing 777 jumbo jet, and most recently the hull of the 2013 ship, the Norwegian Breakaway.

     Max’s one-man retrospective show at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg drew the largest turnout for any artist in the museum’s history. Over 14,500 people attended.

    Max has been on the cover of Life Magazine and has had numerous national TV appearances including Johnny Carson and Larry King. Max’s visual impact on the 60’s has often been compared to the influence the Beatles had with their music.

    Max has painted portraits of the last six U.S. presidents including a painting of President Barack Obama, called 44 Obamas (44th president), for a museum installation. He has also painted portraits of the Dalai Lama and Mikhail Gorbachev.

     Max has been designated as the Official Artist for the Grammys, the 25th Anniversary of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and the Woodstock Music Festival. For the 20th anniversary of Woodstock, Max was asked to create the world’s largest rock-and-roll stage for the Moscow Music Peace Festival.

     Max has been the Official Artist for five Super Bowls, The World Cup USA, The U.S. Tennis Open and the NHL All-Star Game. Max also redesigned NBC’s “peacock” logo, seen by millions daily.

     Peter Max was born in Germany and raised around the world. In 1938,Max’s family moved to Shanghai, and he currently resides in Manhattan,where he has lived since 1953. He draws inspiration from his travels but is lauded as “America’s Painter Laureate,” and is nothing less than an iconic American artist.

     Max is a proud American and created a series of artworks that were sold specifically to raise millions of dollars to help repair and restore the Statue of Liberty.
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  2. Romero Britto (1963 - )

     Britto was commissioned by Absolut Vodka to design their 25th Anniversary commemorative bottle. This incredible opportunity catapulted Britto into the limelight alongside artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Numerous commissions followed: Gran Marnier,Pepsi, Apple, IBM, Disney, La Guardia Airport, a United Nations postage stamp series, Britto Mini Cooper for BMW, and BankAtlantic.

     Britto was commissioned by the NFL to create the Super Bowl XLI preshow in 2007. In collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, the entire Dolphin stadium in Miami was turned into a giant Britto canvas.

    Britto’s art is shown in more than 140 galleries nationwide. Collectors of Britto’s work include Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andre Agassi, the Guggenheims, the Rothchilds, the Kennedys, and former Whitney Museum President William Woodside. Britto has also been collected by the Vatican and exhibited at the Louvre twice.

     Britto’s 3-Dimensional artworks are available exclusively through Park West Gallery.
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  3. Yaacov Agam (1928- )

    · Agam is known as the “Father of Kinetic Art,” which is art
    that incorporates movement as part of the design. Agam invites the viewer to
    come close, touch, move, and participate actively with the art. This interaction
    allows the viewer to fully appreciate the aesthetics of the art and the
    changing experience it provides in the 4th dimension:

    · Agam created the “Agamograph,” which is multiple series of
    images viewed through a lenticular lens, creating change at every angle.

    · Agam was selected to hold a one-man retrospective at the
    Guggenheim museum in New York City in 1981.

    · Agam’s works are featured in major locations all around
    the world, including the “Villa Regina” tower in Miami, “The Agam Fountain” in Paris,
    “Fire and Water Fountain” in Tel Aviv, Israel, “Reflection and Depth” at the
    Port Authority in New York, “Communication X9” on Michigan Avenue in Chicago,
    and “Communication Night and Day” at the AT&T Building in New York.

    · Agam was commissioned by George Pompidou (president of the
    French Republic) to create “Elysee Salon.” The work of art is an entire room (i.e.
    salon) within the Pompidou museum in Paris, It consists of polymorphic and
    metapolymorphic works which transform as the viewer moves around within the space.
    The accuracy of the work is evident in the simple fact that the floor covering
    alone took 4 1/2 years to complete.

    · On December 15, 2010, a painting by Agam sold at auction
    for $698,000 at Sotheby’s New York, the highest price ever paid for the work of
    an Israeli artist.

    · Agam has a new museum currently under construction in
    Israel dedicated to his life and art.
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  4. Itzchak Tarkay (1935-2012)

    · Tarkay is considered one of the most influential figurative artists of the early 21st century.

    · The inspiration for his work lies with French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism,
    exemplifying the bright colors of the Fauves such as Matisse with the drawing style of Toulouse-Lautrec.

    · All of Tarkay's images strike the same note: a meditative stillness which is lush, sensuous, and timeless. His oeuvre is a visual poetry dominated by pictures of women who are exceptionally well-dressed and seated in lavish interiors or terraces.

    · Tarkay has said,”The love for painting runs in my blood.” He used his instinct to choose his colors, often inspired by his surroundings –music he has listened to or places he has traveled.

    · As well as being an acrylic painter and watercolorist, Tarkay was a master graphic artist and his rich tapestry of form and color was achieved primarily through the use of the serigraph. In his serigraphs, many colors are laid over one another and used to create texture and transparency.

    · In the later years of his life, Tarkay shared his gifts by mentoring younger Israeli artists including, David Najar, Yuval Wolfson and
    Mark Kanovich. Tarkay was also the only artist to collaborate with Israeli master,
    Yaacov Agam. He and Agam created two paintings which incorporated both artists’
    imagery in a single painting.

    · Tarkay received recognition at the International Artexpo
    in New York in 1986 and 1987, and three hardcover books have been written on
    Tarkay and his art.
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  5. Thomas Kinkade (1958 – 2012)

    · Kinkade is the most widely collected artist in the United States and is known as the “The Painter of Light.” He uses techniques of the late 19th century American painters, known as Luminists. His paintings radiate light, inviting viewers to bask in the nostalgia of earlier, less stressful times.

    · His works are rich with symbolism; some of the most well-known symbols are the lights within the home and the smoke in the chimneys, which represent the warmth and welcoming of family.

    · His devotion to his family is shown in his work with “love notes” by hiding the letter “N” in all his paintings as a tribute to his childhood sweetheart and wife Nanette.

    · Kinkade created the DNA matrix signature concept.
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  6. Tim Yanke
    (1962 - )

    · A local artist and native to the Detroit metro-area, Tim’s work is not easily missed: he was commissioned in 2010 to create the signature work for The Henry, an upscale boutique hotel in Michigan. It is his largest work to date and now permanently resides behind the front desk in the lobby of the hotel.

    · Yanke is considered a modern-day Abstract Expressionist artist and is inspired by forefathers of the movement: de Kooning, Motherwell, and Pollock. Tim has no pre conception when he works and develops his imagery spontaneously.

    · Tim has a passion for Native Americans, the Southwest USA, and rock and roll. He blares music in his former garage-turned studio while he works, typically works very quickly with an incredible array of media, and will frequently incorporate song lyrics or random thoughts into his works. He focuses on bright color palettes to attract the viewer and impact a pleasing visual effect to his highly energetic imagery.
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  7. Duaív (1952 - )

    § Duaív is a French-born artist who began his painting career at the tender age of 3. He completed his first oil painting by the age of 9.

    § Duaív’s father bought him a cello, hoping he would not pursue a career as an artist. However, Duaív chose to be classically educated in both art and music.

    § Duaív met Salvador Dali when he was 25, who was a great inspiration to him throughout his life, constantly reminding him to blend his passion for the arts, transitioning his music throughout his painting and throughout his life.

    § Duaív’s works are uplifting, cheerful, bright, and colorful. He uses cans of paint rather than tubes, working with various palette knives, tiny brushes, and his fingers to create texture and richly blended colors.

    § His inspiration comes from his travels and his favorite classic artsits: Monet, Cezanne, and Vermeer.

    § For the 50th Anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, Duaív painted the sides of two buses. Duaív was awarded the Commander of the Order of the Star of Europe by the Prince of Denmark for his efforts to assist contemporary artists and his country.
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  8. Emile Bellet (1941- )

    · Bellet paints women with no faces, representing the universal woman encompassing beauty and femininity.

    · Bellet paints entirely with a palette knife, no brush. He uses the “less is more” philosophy in his use of color, and simplicity of composition to extract as much as possible from a limited number of variables – bringing simple elegance to the work.

    · Bellet excels at lithography. He creates lithographs at the same studio where Marcel Mouly created his lithographs and works with the same team. Much like Mouly, Bellet has a timeless appeal that is rooted in the inspiration from the great fauves
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  9. Steve Bloom (1958 -)

    · As a graduate student, Bloom was commissioned to create limited edition etchings and serigraphs for an international art distribution company. Owning his own print-making studio afforded him a great love of printmaking and has helped him evolve as an artist.

    · Bloom is best known for utilizing a digital printmaking technique, using what many would term a “digital paintbrush” to create his imagery.

    · The fluid, interlacing lines of Bloom’s work lend them a smoky, hazy feel which transports the viewer into a late-night jazz club.
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  10. Andrew Bone (1957- )

    § Bone worked as a conservationist and wildlife guide before becoming an artist. He is fully educated in the nature of the animals he paints and captures his immense respect and awe for the animals of Africa, as well as their natural beauty and majesty. As such, he is a self-taught artist who has perfected his skills in his almost reverent desire to depict the animals he respects so much.

    § Bone is recognized for the detail and photo-realism in his
    works, which are a result of his real life experiences with wildlife animals.
    The landscape in his work is completely authentic to the species he is painting
    and just as important from a conservation standpoint.

    § Bone has not been without his share of close calls, from
    near-misses with powerful lions to charging elephants. Bone has said, “Don’t
    paint it unless you’ve studied it, been chased by it, or done something to save
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  11. Slava Brodinsky (1955 - )

    · Brodinsky is a Russian born artist whose talent was
    recognized and encouraged from an early age.

    · Brodinsky’s art depicts countryside scenes in an
    incredible symphony of colors. He mixes sand and plaster with his pigments and
    then coarsely applies it to the canvas to create a distinct, impressionistic
    texture. The way light interacts with this rough surface produces a stunning
    dynamic effect.

    · Brodinsky travels throughout his home country of Isreal,
    to the South of France and Italy, and around the world to discover varying
    light and depths of color, which serve as inspiration for the lights and
    shadows portrayed in his work.
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  12. Simon Bull (1958- )

    § Bull was selected to exhibit a one-man show at Harrod’s in
    London, where 76 of his paintings were exhibited.

    § During his career, Bull’s work has been introduced by
    Randy Jackson of American Idol, unveiled in New York by Donald Trump, and
    featured on ABC Television’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition as well as MTV Cribs
    and ShopNBC. In 2002 Bull was named the official artist of the Salt Lake City
    Winter Olympics.

    § Bull painted several paintings of Muhammad Ali, which were
    presented to the Muhammad Ali center at the inaugural ceremony for the museum.
    Park West has donated numerous mixed media paintings of Ali by Simon Bull to
    the center, which remain in their permanent collection. These same works have
    other variations signed by Muhammad Ali and Simon Bull, which are available
    through Park West exclusively.
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  13. Daniele Cambier (1939 - )

    § Cambier was born in Paris, and her work has been exhibited
    at the Palais de Congres of Paris and numerous shows.

    § She spent her childhood and adolescence very involved in
    art, but chose to pursue a more social career as an actress. As time went by,
    however, painting became a larger part of her life until she finally devoted
    herself entirely to visual art.

    § She is fascinated with the beauty of nature, landscape,
    and the details of the city and creates exceptional works that typically
    combine all three elements in harmony – in the unforgiving technique of watercolor.
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  14. Alexander Chen (1952 - )

    § Chen is an internationally acclaimed artist whose
    reputation for creating captivating city scenes, enchanting landscapes, and
    famous landmarks is greatly admired.

    § Chen is an official Artist for the US Olympic Team and has
    created originals for both the Olympics in Beijing in 2008 and again in
    Vancouver in 2010. Other commissions include: Unicef, Toshiba, and Northwest Airlines.

    § His work amplifies human visual perception. His paintings
    sometimes reveal a broader perspective than is humanly possible, with an
    extreme level of detail. This is what produces the “wonderment” and “hyperrealism”
    when looking at his work – Chen wants to share with the viewer a side of life
    in all these exotic locations that is playful, unique and inviting.
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  15. Hua Chen (1952- )

    · Chen is recognized for capturing the timeless beauty of
    music and the female form through his ethereal, impressionistic style.

    · Chen was selected as one of the artists of the U.S.
    Olympic Team and created a work of art for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Chen has
    had oneman shows around the world, and his work is in the permanent collection
    of the National Art Museum of China.

    · Chen grew up during the Cultural Revolution in China when
    western art was prohibited. His father used to sneak in books on western art,
    and as a result, Chen was exposed and influenced by impressionists and post-impressionists
    including Degas, Renoir, Lautrec and Manet. It is extraordinary and historical
    that a Chinese artist from the communist system paints Impressionism.
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  16. James Coleman (1949- )

    § Coleman began as an animation background painter, which
    was to change his life forever. Over the years he collaborated with more than 5
    animated films for Disney Studios where he developed his ability to create
    computer generated images.

    § Coleman works in oil, watercolor, gouache and pastor. His
    work is impressionistic and luminous. His works intrigue the eye and touch the heart.
    You can feel the warmth in his paintings. As a master of color, light, and
    design, Coleman has become one of the most collected and sought-after Disney
    artists around the world.

    § As one of the few artists in the world licensed to create
    Disney imagery, Coleman’s work is highly desirable. The contributions made by
    Coleman to the world of art span over 30 years both in film and fine art.
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  17. Erte (Romaine de Tirtoff) (1892-1990)

    § Erte is most famous for his elegant fashion designs which
    capture the art deco period in which he worked. His delicate figures and sophisticated,
    glamorous designs are instantly recognizable, and his ideas and art still
    influence fashion into the 21st century.28

    § Erte designed 250 covers for Harper’s Bazaar, and his
    illustrations also appeared in Illustrated London News, Cosmopolitan, and
    Vogue. He created innumerable drawing for these magazines, fashion designs for some
    of the world’s most glamorous women, costumes and set designs for Hollywood
    movies, and a variety of product designs.

    § Erte’s work can be found in the collections of several
    well-known museums including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Metropolitan
    Museum of Art and a sizable collection of work by Erte can be found at Museum
    1999 in Tokyo.
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