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  1. Prone
    • 1.Tending 
    •     likely to show illness or negative       characteristic
    • I have been always prone to high temperature.
    • 2. If it is used as a suffix then prefix problem is more occurred 
    • Example error-prone
    • 3. Lying on the surface with front face down
  2. Loom
    Type: ?
    • to appear as a large and often frightening and unclear
    • Dark storm clouds loomed on the horizon . 
    • MP elections are looming in 2014
  3. Evade
    • to avoid or escape from something or someone from the issue .
    • Type :- verb
    • campaigns dignity is evading the galvanize the and agitation of voters
  4. Galvanize
    Type :- ?
    • to cause someone to suddenly take action, especially by shocking or exciting them in some way
    • Type:- verb
    • The Rahul gandhi said Narender Modi galvanized the people for communal war
  5. Gotcha
    • said to mean 'I have got you' in order to surprise or frighten someone you have caught, or to show that you have an advantage over them
    • Type:- exclamation slang 
    • Gotcha, that is the matter why you are pushing me.
  6. loath
    Loathe:- ? meaning and type
    • To be unwilling to do something
    • Type adjective
    • I am loath, towards playing today. Please ask Ram 
    • Loathe:- hate 
    • Do you eat fish? No I loathe it?
  7. Melee
    Type:- ?
    • A large noisy uncontrolled crowd that moves in different directions sometime fight each other
    • Type:- NOUN
    • In every chaat worship in Bihar, number of people die in melee
  8. Handouts (2)
    • 1. Documents given to the student or reporters on particular topic
    • Reporters got handouts after the conference.
    • 2. Something which is very important given someone like food cloth etc
  9. Discern
    • to see, recognize or understand something that is not clear?
    • Type:- noun
    • People of India now discerning the politics of congress
    • adjective:- Discernible
    • adverb:- Discernibly
  10. Grapple
    • fight to win something
    • Type : Verb
    • Teachers are grappling each other in order to declare a good results of their class
  11. Wage 2
    tyep :- 2?
    • 1. to fight a war or series of activity against someone  in order to achieve something
    • Type = verb
    • They've been waging a long campaign to change the law. 
    • 2.a fixed amount of money that is paid to worker
    • Type = noun
  12. insurgency Type:-? and insurgent Type:-?
    • when a group of people attempt to take a control on their country by force 
    • Type: noun?
    • There is growing number of insurgency
    • Insurgent:- someone who opposes the government in their country
  13. jingoism
    • Extreme belief  that its own country is best
    • Type noun
  14. Convulsed
    • To shake violently with sudden uncontrolled movements 
    • Type: verb
    • Sudden cough convulsed the patient.
    • source:- Bangladesh convulsed by domestic turmoil.
  15. Turmoil
    • Uncertainty or disorder 
    • type :- noun
    • Public opnion's  turmoil  headache of the government
  16. Imperil and peril
    • peril  := great danger
    • Imperil:= to put someone or something  in danger
    • If you do not work hard your career is in peril
    • Local Engineering institution  imperil the career the career of students, government should take the steps
  17. curtail 
    to limit something (curb)

    • Government is curtailing trade union rights.
    • Source :-Friendship with Bangladesh is curtailing by new delhi own failure of promise
  18. vis- a- vis
    • 1. in relation to 
    • 2. in comparison  with
    •  LBA is the last option to revival the issues vis a vis Bangladesh
  19. swamp 2
    type = 2
    • 1. Type = verb
    • if someone swamp something then they take big part of it.
    • VIP'S swamp MCA, seats
    • 2. Type: long wet  soft area
    • Sunderwan delta is swamp
  20. Duress
    Type = noun
    • Type = noun
    • threats used to force a person to do something

    CBI autonomous, operates without duress
  21. Mourn
    Type :: ??
    • Type :- Verb
    • to feel great sadness,

    A kerela district mourns its favorite Nigerian
  22. Myriad and Panoply 
     type :??
    • Type = noun
    • a very large quantity of someting
    • And now myriad of bars and hotels are opening in the city therefore there is panoply of options

    Panoply:- large range  of something
  23. eat words (idiom)
    eat your hand
    I will it my bat
    I could eat a horse
    whats eating sb
    • 1. to confess for what he say previous
    • I think He is correct but now I eat my words
    • 2.to make easily someone do or think what  you want
    • His rheotrich will eat anybody hand.
    • 3. you are sure something will now happen
    • Next match will be won by India, I will it my bat
    • 4. Used to ask why some one is so angry or upset
    • Kavita is looking in strange mood, whats eat her
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