Ecology chapter 4 p2

  1. The # of different species a ecosystem contains
    Species richness
  2. The relative abundance of individuals within each of these species
    species evenness
  3. Explain the evidence these scientist have found to prove this hypothesis (a species is species-rich ecosystem is more productive and sustainable
    • 1. The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more productive it'll be . 
    • 2. Greater species richness and productivity will make an ecosystem more stable or sustainable
  4. Describe the species equilibrium model
    Projects that @ some point the rates of species immigration and species examination should balance so that neither rate is increasing or decreasing sharply
  5. To explain the differences in species richness among islands of varying sizes
    Species Equilibrium Model
  6. Have a large effect on the types and abundances of other species in a an ecosystem.
    Keystone species
  7. A wedge shaped stone placed at the top of a stone archway
  8. Plays a major role in shaping communities by creating and enhancing their habitats in ways that benefit other species.
    Foundation Species
  9. Describe the many different ways a keystone species help determine the structure and functions of their ecosystems.
    Pollinations of flowering plant species by bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, and other species.
  10. Describe the many different ways a foundation species help determine the structure and functions of their ecosystems.
    Elephants push over, break, or up root trees, creating forest openings in the grasslands and woodlands if Africa. This promotes growth of grasses and other species. Also beavers because they build dams in streams to create ponds and other wetlands used by other species.
  11. Why are sharks important?
    Could save human life's (cancer research)
  12. Why are sharks threatened?
    Because of the demand of their fins, liver, meat, hides and joins
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