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  1. Function
    to perceive the environment, process info, and transmit messages enabling the body respond appropriately to it.
  2. Cranial nerve 2
    • Optic
    • Sensory (vision)
    • Originates from ganglion cells of retina
  3. Cranial nerve 3
    • Oculomotor
    • Motor with parasympathetic
    • Motor: medial, superior, inferior rectus; inferior oblique, levator
    • Parasympathetic: sphincter, ciliary
  4. Cranial nerve 4
    • trochlear
    • motor
    • superior oblique
  5. Cranial nerve 5
    • trigeminal
    • sensory (touch, pain, etc.)
    • originates from cornea and surrounding areas of face
  6. Cranial nerve 6
    • abducens
    • motor
    • lateral rectus
  7. Cranial nerve 7
    • facial
    • motor
    • orbicularis and muscles of facial expression
  8. frontal lobe
    motor control, voluntary muscle activity, some visual areas (frontal eye fields), speech, and higher mental functions
  9. parietal lobe
    high level processing of sensory input
  10. temporal lobe
    smell and hearing, visual area (vergences)
  11. occipital lobe
    reception and processing of visual information.
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