Earth and Space

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  1. Earthquake Waves Fastest to slowest ?
    • P Wave
    • S Wave
    • Love
    • Rayleigh
  2. Depth of earthquakes.
    • Less than 70km Shallow-focus
    • 70km to 300km Intermediate-focus
    • greater than 300km Deep-focus
  3. Difference between mineral and rock ?
    Minerals are regular rocks are a conglomerate of minerals.
  4. How are sedimentary rocks formed ?
    Formed by the deposit of material in water more material on top to cement the grains Lithification.
  5. How are Metamorphic rocks formed ?
    recrystallisation of rock at high pressure.
  6. How are igneous rocks formed ?
    Formed by the solidification of magma (extrusive surface)(intrusive below ground large crystals as slower cooling)
  7. What are the 4 earthquake waves ?
    • P (primary) compressional body waves.
    • S (secondary) Transverse body waves cannot travel through liquid.
    • Love horizontal surface wave
    • Rayleigh Horizontal and vertical surface wave.
  8. What is the Gradient of a line ?
    Gradient = Rise ÷ Run = Change in Y ÷ Change in X
  9. x and y axis
    • X is Independent variable.
    • Y is Dependent variable.
  10. What is the Moho
    Boundary between the Crust and Mantle
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