1. Where are the UHF and VHF comm's located?
    • UHF - left avionics bay
    • VHF - right avionics bay
  2. UHF transmits on a frequency range of ____ to ____.
    • 225.00-399.975 MHz in 25 kHz increments
    • 7000 available channels
  3. VHF radio transmits and receives voice over a frequency range of?
    • 118.00-151.95 MHz in 25 kHz increments
    • 1358 cahnnels
  4. Pressing the MODE select button on the backup UHF does what?
    • toggles between:
    • Main (MN) - transmit & receive on frequency
    • Both (MN & GD) - transmit & receive on frequency and guard
  5. Image Upload 1
    what antennas are highlighted?
    • Top - UHF
    • Bottom - combined UHF/VHF
  6. The antenna selector switch is located where?
    left avionics bay
  7. VHF radio is on what bus?
  8. UHF is located on what bus?
  9. Where is the intercommunications system (ICS) switch located?
    rear cockpit audio panel
  10. what does the HOT mode switch do on the ICS?
    both microphones are active
  11. What does the ICS KEY/MUTE on the PCL do?
    mutes all external incoming audio
  12. What does the COLD mode on the ICS audio panel do?
    • either the, ICS KEY or ICS KEY/MUTE switch one either PCL will activate the interphone
    • the KEY/MUTE switch also mutes external incoming audio and keys ICS
  13. ICS is on what bus?
    battery; AUDIO
  14. The audio panel is on what bus?
    battery; AUDIO
  15. Image Upload 2
    What keys are highlighted and what do they do?
    • Field keys
    • Select the system to be used; once selected you can change frequencies, switch modes
  16. RMU is located on what bus?
    generator; RMU
  17. RMU transfer switches are labeled with a _____.
    white diamond
  18. RMU mode switches are labeled with a ______.
    white rectangle
  19. Image Upload 3
    What does the word REMOTE refer to?
    the backup UHF radio control unit is in use
  20. How many memory channels can the UHF and VHF hold?
    20 ea.
  21. How many memory channels can VHF NAV hold?
  22. what happens when you hold the transponder field key down for 3 sec?
    recalls a single stored code, typically 1200 for VFR
  23. Image Upload 4
    What does the MODE button do?
    • Toggles between:
    • Main (MN) - transmit and receive on selected frequency
    • Both (MN & GD) - monitors both main and guard frequencies, and stop on the one that has the active signal. transmit capability is on the selected frequency
  24. Image Upload 5
    What does the PAGE button do?
    displays special functions page for the selected system
  25. Image Upload 6
    What does the SQ mean in the UHF field?
    the squelch is not on
  26. Image Upload 7
    What does the MEM button do?
    the last used memory frequency will replace the standby frequency
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