extended reponse - global hunger

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  1. explain what infrastructure is
    infrastructure is the basic physical and organisational structures needed for the operation of a society of enterprise, services and facilities necessary for an economy to function. such as roads, water supply, sewers, electrical grids and telecommunications
  2. discuss how the quality of the infrastructure means that the poor sections are always the worst affects through re-occuring
    poor and vunerable sections of communities often live and work in places that are built in hazardous locations such as flood plains. in these areas if infrastructural is old or poorly structured they are sevearly affected.
  3. explain a NGO and outline their main goal
    • caritas australia - they are improving the quality of life through education, food, health and womens status. 
    • caritas bring relief and aid people whose lives have been affected by disaster to educate all.
  4. expain how a NGO can improve health and wellbeing of children
    • through immunisation and good nutrition
    • preventing the children from catching infectious diseases so that they may grow up healthy and be able to go to school and get an education to help and contribute to the family. increasing their survival rate.
  5. explain how a NGO can affect food processing  affecting the food security supply
    access to education and literacy training - lack of access to formal education and training has been identified as a key barrier to womens employment and advancement in society. ensuring all girls and women have schooling.
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