core topic 4 revision

  1. why is milk boiled before starting to make yoghurt
    to kill any harmful bacteria
  2. why is the milk mixture kept warm
    to encourage bacteria to grow and muliply
  3. select two levels of authority and describe their role in addressing a food positioning incident
    • federal - FSANZ develop the food standards code which states their food acts that control the manufacture of food in australia, provide regular advice reguarding the recall strategies
    • state - government legislatives to ensure a safe food supply which outlines the legal responsisbilies of all food manufactures and retailers
    • local - enviroment health officers inpect food on premisis after the problem, following up on orders which may be contaminated
  4. difference between food poisoning and food spoilage
    • poisioning - an illness that occurs from contaminated food 
    • spoilage - is food that can be unpleasant to eat as its physical and sensory properties may have been detoriated but is still safe to eat
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