Ch 17 Key Terms

  1. AciveX cntrl
    small app/ add-on can be ↓loaded from website along w/web pg & executed by browser to enhance web pg.
  2. adminstv shares
    folders shared x default on ntwrk domain adminstr8r acct can accss
  3. Adminstr8rs grp
    type of usrs grp, when usr acct assigned to this grp, the acct is granted rights assigned to an aminstr8r acct
  4. anonymous usrs
    usr accts that haven't been authc8d on computr
  5. app proxy
    program intended to work on client computr when the complete app is on a server
  6. Authc8d Usrs grp
    usr accts that have been authc8d to accss sytm except for guest acct
  7. Back⇧ Oper8rs
    • Win usr acct grp, usr can back& restore any files on systm regardless of having accss to these files
  8. cable tester
    tests if cable is good/ what type of cable it is, if not labeled
  9. Ev1 grp
    • Win Authc8d Usrs grp & guest acct
    • when sharing files/folders on ntwrk, by default Win gives accss to Ev1 grp
  10. ferrite clamp
    installed on ntrk cable to protect against electrical interferance
  11. file server
    computr dedic8d to storing & serving ↑ data files & folders
  12. grp policy
    • (gpedit.msc)
    • Console avail only profess'l & business edit used to control what usrs can do & how systm can be used
  13. guests grp
    usrs in this grp have limited rights to systm & are given temp profile that's deleted after usr logs off
  14. hidden share
    folder name that ends w/ "$" when folder is shared, it doesn't appear in Ntwrk window / My Ntwrk Places window
  15. inherited permis'n
    permis'n assigned by Win that are attained from parent object
  16. Internet opt'ns
    dialog box used to manage Internet Exploder settings
  17. Ipconfig
    • IP configuration- command displays
    • TCP/IP config info & can refresh TCP/IP assignmnts to a conec'n including it's IP addrss
  18. limited acct
    • WinXP acct, aka Usrs Group in Win 2000
    • usrs have read-write accss only on their own folders, read only accss to most systm folders & no accs to other usr's data
    • In Win7/Vista, standard accts are limited
  19. local shares
    • folders on a computr that are shared w/others on ntwrk by using folder's properties box
    • used w/work grp & not w/domain
  20. loopback plug
    device used to test port in computr/ other device to make sure port is working & might also test the throughput/ speed of the port
  21. mstsc
    command allows you to start Remote Desktop Conec'n to remote in to your host comptr using Remote Desktop
  22. nbstat
    • NetBIOS over TCP/IP Stats
    • TCP/IP command used to display stats about NetBT protocl
  23. net use
    TCP/IP command connects/disconnects comptr from a shared resource /can display info about conec'ns
  24. net usr
    TCP/IP command used to manage usr accts
  25. netstat
    • netwrk stats
    • TCP/IP command gives stats about TCP/IP & ntwrk activity & includes several parameters
  26. ntwrk drive map
    mounting drive onto computr, such as drive E, that's actually hard drive space on another host computr on ntwrk
  27. Nslookup
    • name space lookup, TCP/IP command
    • lets you read info from Internet name space by requesting info about domain name resolut'ns from the DNS server's zone data
  28. NTFS permis'ns
    • method to share folder/file over ntwrk & can apply to local usrs & ntwrk usrs
    • folder/file must be on NTFS vol.
  29. permis'n propagat'n
    When Win passes permis'ns from parent obj to child obj
  30. permis'ns
    • varying °s of accss assigned to folder/file & given to usr acct /grp
    • accss can include: full cntrl, write, delete/ read only
  31. Ping
    • PAcket InterNet Groper
    • TCP/IP command used to troubleshoot ntwrk conec'ns, verifies host can communc8 w/another host on ntwrk
  32. Power Usrs Grp
    accts assigned to grp can read from & write to parts of systm other than their own usr profile folders, install apps, & perform limited adminstv tasks
  33. principles of least privleged
    approach where comptrs used are classified & rights assigned are minimum rights required to do their job
  34. proxy server
    computr that intercepts requests a browser makes of a server & serves ↑ request from cache it maintains in order to improve performance on a large network
  35. Remote Admin
    gives adminstr8r accss to Win folder on remote computr
  36. remote app
    app installed & executed on server & is presented to usr working @ client computr
  37. Remote Desktop
    Win tool gives usr accss to his/her Win desktop from anywhere on Internet
  38. Remote Desktop Services
    software included in Win 2008 & l8r that uses RDP protocl to present a remote app & its data to client. prior to 2008 called Terminal Services
  39. RemoteApp  & Desktop Conec'n
    tool used to install remote app on client computr using either app proxy file/ URL to server app
  40. reverse lookup
    • finds host name when you know computr's IP addrss
    • Nslookup command can perform this
  41. share permis'ns
    • method to share a folder (not individual files) to remote usrs on ntwrk, including assigning varying °s accss to specific usr accts & usr grps
    • -doesn't apply to local shares & can be used on an NTFS/FAT vol.
  42. simple file sharing
    WinXP techniq to share files/folders w/remote ntwrk usrs where you have no cntrl over who has accss to shared folder/file
  43. Tracert
    • trace route
    • TCP/IP command allows you to resolve ntwrk connectivity problem when attempting to reach a destinat'n host such as a web site
  44. Usrs grp
    grp of standard usr accts
  45. Wake on Lan
    • WoL
    • config a comptr so it will respond to ntwrk activity when comptr is in sleep state
  46. wireless loc8r
    tool used to loc8 Wi-Fi hotspot & tells you strength of RF signal
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Ch 17 Key Terms
Exam #3 Vocab Abbrev Key: ntwrk= network, x = by, addrss= address, grp= group, permis'n=permission, loc8r= locater, w/n= within, btwn=between, usr= user, cntrl=control, adminstv= administrative, Authc8d= authenticated, Oper8rs= operators, Ev1= everyone Conec'n= connection, servc(s) = service(s), computr= computer, obj= object(s), °s = degrees