Unit 2.3 Maintenance Management

  1. What makes up a TO library?
    One or more current TOs with all changes, revisions, and supplements that is maintained on a continuing basis, or a special purpose library that might contain non-current TOs
  2. Where would you find a transient aircraft library?
    Bases where it's common to service or perform organizational or intermediate level maintenance on aircraft not normally assigned to the base
  3. What information is required on a TO binder?
    Binder number and contents of the binder
  4. (1) Utility Aircraft
    (2) Trainer Aircraft
    (3) Attack Aircraft
    (4) Bomber Aircraft
    (5) Fighter Aircraft
    • (1) 1U
    • (2) 1T
    • (3) 1A
    • (4) 1B
    • (5) 1F
  5. What group of a TO number tells you the type of TO?
  6. TO for maintenance instructions:
  7. TO for Flight Manual
  8. TO for Illustrated Parts Breakdown:
  9. TO for WUC Manual:
  10. TO for Inspection Requirements:
  11. What are the functions of groups four through six of a TO number?
    Breaks the TO down into systems and subsystems
  12. ETIMS is web-based through the AF Portal to assist with what TO functions?
    Ordering and account information
  13. What's the purpose of a LOAP?
    Provide a listing of all TOs that apply to a specific military system and related end items
  14. What are the four major types of TOs?
    • Methods and Procedures Technical Orders (MPTO)
    • Abbreviated TOs
    • Technical Manuals
    • TCTOs
  15. Describe the type of information found in Technical Manuals.
    • Inspection of Complex Weapon Systems (aircraft, missile, etc...)
    • Service
    • Maintenance
    • Operation
    • Overhaul of component parts
  16. How are the columns in section I of the TS Manual labeled?
    Trouble, probable cause, remedy
  17. What schematic diagrams are included in section II of the TS manual?
    Related systems for that TO
  18. Name three types of abbreviated TOs.
    • CLs
    • WCs
    • Charts
  19. Why does the Air Force use abbreviated TOs?
    To simplify use
  20. What are some examples of abbreviated CLs?
    • Aircraft Towing
    • Aircraft Jacking
    • Oxygen Servicing
    • Refuel/Defuel
    • Engine Run
  21. What type of TO lists minimum inspection requirements?
  22. What are the five types of TOs covers in the text?
    • Immediate action
    • Routine action
    • Urgent action
    • Interim
    • Record
  23. Which type of TCTO has red X's around the first page?
    Immediate action
  24. What type of TCTO is used for a potentially hazardous condition that could result in injury to personnel or damage to property?
    Urgent action
  25. Which TO is issued for a mechanical condition that would constitute a hazard through prolonged usage?
    Routine action
  26. Which TCTO does not list step by step procedures?
  27. How are ITCTOs issued?
  28. What category are MPTOs?
    Category 00 (ex. 00-5-1)
  29. What form is used for TO improvement reporting?
    AFTO IMT 22
  30. What are the three classifications of TO improvement reports?
    • Routine
    • Urgent
    • Emergency
  31. Emergency TO improvement reports are submitted for what reason?
    • Fatality or serious injury to personnel
    • Extensive damage or destruction of equipment or property
    • Inability to achieve or maintain operational posture (mission essential) including field level work stoppage
  32. What type of improvement report is submitted if safety could be jeopardized?
  33. What type of report is for TO deficiencies and is processed within 45 days?
  34. What are the two categories of publications?
    Directive and Non-Directive
  35. What type of publication does not list procedures or detailed "how-to" instructions?
    Policy Directives (PDs)
  36. What type of publication is used to direct action and ensure compliance across the Air Force?
  37. Which type of directive publication has two categories - departmental and field level?
  38. What is the purpose of an OI?
    • Prescribe procedures
    • Assign responsibilities
    • Direct actions
  39. What non-directive publication that explains or instructs can be permanent?
    Visual aids
  40. Where can you find a listing of current Air Force manuals, pamphlets, instructions, and VAs online?
    AF's E-publishing website
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