lower appendicular skeleton - chapter 3

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  1. made up of pelvic girdle and leg bones
    lower appendicular skeleton
  2. ***each coxa (hip) is composed of three fused bones that together form the acetabulum (hip socket) for the head of the thighbone. they are:
    • ilium
    • ischium
    • pubis or pubic bone
  3. ***superior and widest bone of the pelvis.

    the iliac crest is the upper edge of the bone
  4. ***the lower, posterior portion of the pelvic bone
  5. ***the lower anterior part of the pelvic bone
    ***pubis or pubic bone
  6. ***thigh bone, upper leg bone
  7. ***kneecap, sesamoid-shaped bone
  8. ***shin bone, lower medial leg bone
  9. smaller, lower lateral leg bone.
  10. one of the seven bones of the foot
  11. one of the five small longbones in the foot between the tarsals and the phalanges
  12. one of the 14 toe bones, two in the great toe and three in each of the other four toes
  13. hallux
    great toe
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