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  1. Cuban Sandwich
    Florida style; ham, roast pork, salami, swiss cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoe, mustard, and mayonnaise, hot pressed cuban bread
  2. Sun-drenched port & veg sandwich
    Portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers, zucchini, red onions, tomato, asparagus, and pepper jack cheese, on pressed cuban bread.
  3. Wood Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
    4oz. chicken grilled sliced on naan bread, tomato avocado and pesto vinaigrette
  4. Fish tacos
    2 o 3, sauteed mahi, tomato avocado salsa, con ancho slasa chopped cilantro.
  5. Avocado y goat cheese burger
    lett, tomato, pickles, goat cheese, avocado, y caramelized onion.
  6. House made burger
    con lett, tomato, pickles, your choice of: port mush, avocados, carm onion, manchego, goat, cheddar, American, Swiss, pepper jack, bacon and pineapple.
  7. Portebello y manchego burger
    lett, tomato, shaved red onion, pickles, ports, carm onion, manchego.
  8. Bacon y cheddar burger
    applewood bacon, cheddar, pickles, tomato, lett, shaved red onion.
  9. Turkey burger
    carm onions, tomato, avocado, arugula lett
  10. Black Bean BBQ burger
    patty made with black beans, brown rice, and corn, topped with manchego y guac con lett
  11. What sides do we have?
    fries, beefsteak tomatoes, Y. rice y BB, sweet plantains, asparagus, tostones, fresh fruit, sweet mashed, broccoli, yuca fries, g.beans, y mashed.
  12. Carnitas
    carnitas (roasted pork), chorizo (spicy sausage), veggies (corn plantines, garanzo peas (chick)), Y. rice, con plantain chip.
  13. Shrimp creole
    sau shrimp, bell peppers, chorizo, tomato, green olives, con Y. rice
  14. Chipotle beef
    sirloin braised cubes con white rice, BB, corn, tom salsa, avocado, sour creme, y 3 cheese mix
  15. West indies chicken curry
    sau chicken, currey sauce, over badmati rice, con pinapple chutney y naan bread.
  16. Top sirloin
    8 oz. broccoli, garlic mashed
  17. Calypso shrimp linguine
    medium shrimp sau con garlic, scalions, creole spices, y creme, topped con dieced tomatoes
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