Environmental Science Section #2

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  1. predator
    any animal that hunts and eats other animals
  2. Prey
    any animal that is hunted and eaten by other animals
  3. competition
    living organisms compete for food, water, light, and space
  4. food chain
    a diagram showing one path of energy flowing from one organism to another
  5. food web
    a diagram showing many food chains together as they would be in nature
  6. producers
    organisms that can make their own food ex. Plants
  7. photosynthesis
    process by which green plants make their own food (glucose/sugar) from water, nutrients from soil, and sunshine
  8. consumers
    organisms that cannot make their own food
  9. carnivore
    can eat only animals
  10. herbivore
    can eat only plants
  11. omnivore
    can eat plants or animals
  12. decomposers
    organism that eat dead plants and animals and turn them into soil
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