EVST 101 final

  1. a principal gaseous product produced directly from the combustion of fossil fuels is?
    Carbon dioxide
  2. What has been the general trend in global surface temperatures since the 1880's?
    it is rising
  3. what are two pollutants often linked to photochemical smog
    nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds
  4. pollutants capable of causing cancer in animals or humans are said to be
  5. the worlwide suggested plan to reduce greenhouse gases to lower levels that existed prior to 1990 is known as the
    kyoto protocol
  6. human health effects by low level exposure to a toxic chemical over a period of time are known as
  7. the most significant source of all the major air pollutants is
    combustion of fuels and wastes
  8. the good ozone shield occurs in the stratosphere
  9. the green house effect refers to
    warming of the earth's atmosphere
  10. which of the primary fossil fuels releases the fewest pollutants
    natural gas
  11. what site has the federal government identified for long term disposal of high level radioactive waste
    yucca mountain nevada
  12. which of these is a typical source of CFC pollutants
    Refrigeration units
  13. The -------- is a concern in which threats of serious or irreversible damage or lack of scientificc certainty should not be used as a reason for failing to take measures to prevent potential damage
    precautionary principle
  14. The troposphere is that area of the atmosphere from the ground level to ten miles above the Earth's surface
  15. The most significant source of sulfur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere has been found to be
    coal burning power plants
  16. In Virginia, what state agency enforces the regulations of the Clean Air Act
    Department of Environmental Quality
  17. The half life of a radioactive isotope is
    the time it takes for 1/2 of the material to decay
  18. Experts have determined that the most practical way to cope with depletion of the ozone shield was to
    terminate production of CFCs and findsubstitutes
  19. Which of the following are major air pollutants that cause acid deposition
    sulf dioxide and nitrogen oxides
  20. The major source of nitrogen oxide emissions has been identified as
    transportation vehicles
  21. Which of the following offers the most potential in terms of reducing our energy problems
  22. The ultimate source of energy that determines a region's climate is
    solar radiation
  23. The largest single end use category of oil consuption in the United STates is
  24. The hole in the ozone layer is most evident above
  25. If Northern Virginia has been designated as an ozone non-attainment zone, this means
    that the air quality is not safe for humans levels
  26. flooding in Eastern US coastal cities is predicted to result from
    global climate change
  27. Which of the following is a disadvantage of using wind farms as an energy source
    Birds and bats may be negatively impacted
  28. A turbogenerator is a device that
    generates electricity
  29. To produce the same amount of electricity, a coal plant consumes---- tons of coal per year; while a nuclear power plant consumes ----- tons of uranium per year
    3 million;30
  30. The pH of precipitation in Virginia is
  31. Which is NOT a renewable source of energy
    fossil fuel
  32. The day to day variations in temperature, air pressure, wind, humidity and precipitation constitute an area's
  33. The world's worst nuclear power plant disaster to date occurred at
    Chernobyl, Ukraine
  34. Ultraviolet radiation is
    the wavelengths that are blocked by the ozone shield
  35. OPEC stands for
    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  36. Flat-plate collectors are used to
    absorb sunlight and heat water
  37. The scientific study of the atmosphere, weather and climate is called
  38. Pollutants capable of causing immediate life-threatening physiological illness are said to be
  39. Factors taht influence the level of local air pollution may include
    all of the above
  40. The major green house gases are
    carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane and chlorofluorocarbons
  41. Ozone, PANS, and acids are examples of
    secondary pollutants
  42. As you go higher in the Troposphere, the temperature
  43. Since 1970, there has been a decrease in atmospheric concentrations of VOCs, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulates
  44. The US governemental agency that regulates and enforces standards for the operation of nuclear power plants is the
    Nuclar Regulator Commision
  45. The moderator solution in US nuclear power plants is
  46. In nuclear reactors, the splitting of a large atom of one element into smaller atoms of different elements is called
  47. The level above which pollutants begin to have an effect on organisms, and below which there is no effect is called the
    Threshhold system
  48. The country that has failed to ratify the Kyoto Protocol (carbon dioxide) is
  49. The international agreement to reduce CFCs is the
    Montrol Protocol
  50. nature's cleanser is a term for the --------- radical that reacts with certain pollutants to form acid precipitation
  51. The strategic themes that provide direction to the goal of a sustainable future are
    sustainability stewardship and sound science
  52. The concept of sustainable development is to
    meet the needs for now and the indefinite future
  53. The case study of Easter Iland demostrates that
    all of the above population growth can undesirable consequences resources are present in finite supply societal behavior can affect use of resorces
  54. The main problem caused by population growth is
    increasing demand for all resources
  55. Global trend of particular concern to environmentalists is
    degradation of ecosystems global atmospheric change loss of biodiversity
  56. the population that occurs under optimum conditions
    biotic potential
  57. several related ecosystems make up
    a biome
  58. the three major BIOTIC components of the trophic system are
    producers, consumers, detritus feeders and decomposers
  59. The population density of a species is
    the number of individuals per unit area
  60. A warm region reciving very little precipitation will have
    desert vegetation
  61. Which of the following is NOT organic
  62. The transitional region between two ecosystems that contains some of the species and characteristics of the two adjacent ecosystems and species unique to the transitional area is a
  63. A group within a species consisting of individuals occupying a particular geographic area that freely interbreed is called a
  64. The long-term measure of a region's temperature and precipitation is that area's
  65. What type of biome would you expect to find in a region where temperatures are warm and precipitation is abundant year round
    tropical rainforest
  66. Which of the following is MOST likely to survive and adapt to environmental changes cause by humans
  67. OF the following the most basic units of matter (all solids, liquids, and gases) are
  68. Two or more atoms that are bonded together whether the same or different, are called
    a molecule
  69. Which of the following are the three major gaes present in the atmosphere
    nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide
  70. Which of the following is NOT an important element in the structure of living organisms
  71. Organic molecules always contain
    carbon-carbon and/or carbon-hydrogen bonds
  72. The Law of the Conservation of Energy is also known as the
    First Law of Thermodynamics
  73. Many forms of energy can be measured in
  74. The obsrvation the some usable energy is lost in energy is lost in every energy conversion is encompassed
    Second Law of Thermodynamics
  75. Energy in action or motion is called
    kinetic energy
  76. Green plants obtain energy from
  77. The chemical process through which glucose and other simple molecules are broken down to release energy is known as
    cell respiration
  78. Which of the following species is most likely to experience J curve population change
    rabbits in an environment lacking rabbit predators
  79. Nitrogen fixation refers to
    converting nitrogen gas to chemical forms which plants can incorportate
  80. Which of the following does/do NOT have a gas phase as part of its/their cycle
  81. The Law of Cnservation of Matter states that in chemicla and biological reactions
    atoms are not created atoms are not destroyed atoms of one element are not changed into those of another element
  82. The burning of fossil fuels is a signifcant contributor to the world's
    carbon cycle
  83. The total number of a kind of plant, animal, or microbe that has similar characteristics and can interbreed and produce young is known as
    a species
  84. If biotic potential is higher than environmental resistance, the population will
  85. Survival of the fittest means the survival of those organisms
    that can best cope with existiong environmental conditions and live to reproduce
  86. One species diverging into two more species is called
  87. The combination of abiotic and biotic factors that may limit population growth is called
    environmental resistance
  88. Sustainability of ecosystems depends on maintaenance of a balance of
    abiotic factos such as climate and fire biotic factors such as predation and competition human influences
  89. The maximum population that a habitat can support without experiencing long-term degradation is called
    carrying capacity
  90. The condition in which the number of biths within a population is approximately equal to the number of deaths is called
    population equilibrium
  91. a----- species plays a crucial role in maintaining an ecosystem's biotic structure
    key stone
  92. the progression from one biotic community to another after a forest fire is known as
    second sussesion
  93. Abiotic means
  94. The chemical process that autotrophic producers perform that is not performed by other organisms in the ecosystem is
  95. The mutually harmful interaction between individuals of the same or different species that use the same resources at the same place and time is called
  96. When faced with a selective pressure or environmental resistance, a population can migrate, become extinct, or
  97. The minimum population of a given species that can survive is the
    critual number
  98. The goods and services provided by natural and managed ecosystems that support human life and economic well-being are called
    ecosystem capital
  99. The human population has experienced the Neolithic Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. We may now be on the brink of what next phase
    Evironmental Revolution
  100. Give an example of a non native or introduced species
    rabbit in Australia
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