Practice Exam A

  1. Which of the following commands can a network technician use to check whether the DNS server for a given domain is reachable?

    A. dig
  2. Which of the following standards can operate at either 20MHz
    or 40MHz channel spacing?

    A. 802.11n
  3. Which of the following would a technician do to monitor
    remote traffic through an access point?

    B. Enable an SNMP agent
  4. A client's computer is unable to access any network
    resources. Which of the following utilities can a technician use to determine
    the IP address of the client's machine?

    A. ipconfig
  5. A user's computer is unable to access the Internet. Which of
    the following utilities can a technician use to determine if DNS is working?

    D. nslookup
  6. Which of the following can MOST likely cause intermittent
    connection problems with a CAT5 network cable?

    A. Cable has been looped too many times.
    B. Cable has a twist tie attached too close to the
    C. Cable is too warm.
    D. Cable is run too close to a fluorescent light.
    D. Cable is run too close to a fluorescent light.
  7. Given a subnet mask of, how many usable IP
    addresses would be in that subnet?

    B. 254
  8. On which of the following OSI model layers would a MAC
    address be used?

    C. Data Link
  9. Joe, a network technician, is troubleshooting in a wiring
    closet in 2011. The cabling to all the equipment does not match the
    documentation from 2007. Which of the following configuration management
    methods has been overlooked?

    A. Change management
  10. Which of the following TCP/IP model layers does the OSI
    model Presentation layer map to?

    B. Application
  11. Which of the following properties of DHCP would a technician use to ensure an IP address is not leased out from the active scope?

    A. Reservations
  12. A network technician needs to configure a port on a switch
    to provide connectivity and electrical support to a WAP being installed in a warehouse.
    Which of the following features needs to be configured on the switch?

    D. PoE
  13. Which of the following reasons would MOST likely be used to
    implement QoS and traffic shaping solutions?

    C. Unified communications
  14. Which of the following uses SSL encryption?

    C. HTTPS
  15. Users notice a problem with their network connectivity when
    additional lights are turned on. Which of the following would be the cause for
    this problem?

    D. EMI
  16. Ann, a network technician, has been troubleshooting a connectivity problem in the LAN room. Ann has diagnosed the problem and implemented a solution. Which of the following would be the NEXT step?

    C. Document findings
  17. A network technician is troubleshooting a user's
    connectivity problem, and has determined a probable cause.

    The technician is at which step in the troubleshooting

    B. Establish a theory
  18. Spanning-Tree Protocol is used with which of the following
    network devices?

    B. Switch
  19. In a SOHO environment, placing a VoIP unit on the outside
    edge of a LAN router enhances which of the following network optimization

    C. Quality of service
  20. The network support team is constantly getting calls from users in a specific area of an office building. The users are able to connect to the office wireless network, but they sometimes disconnect or experience
    very slow download speeds. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?

    C. Low signal strength or interference
  21. A technician wants to separate networks on a switch. Which
    of the following should be configured to allow this?

    D. VLAN
  22. A user does not have network connectivity. While testing the cable the technician receives the below reading on the cable tester:









    Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

    C. Redo the cable's connectors
  23. Which of the following is the difference between 802.11b and

    C. Speed
  24. A technician decides to upgrade a router before leaving for
    vacation. While away, users begin to report slow performance. Which of the
    following practices allows other technicians to quickly return the network to
    normal speeds?

    B. Change management
  25. What would a network administrator recommend to satisfy
    fault tolerance needs within the datacenter?

    B. Central UPS system
  26. During a disaster recovery test, several billing
    representatives need to be temporarily setup to take payments from customers.
    It has been determined that this will need to occur over a wireless network,
    with security being enforced where possible. Which of the following
    configurations should be used?

    C. WPA2, SSID disabled, and 802.11a.
  27. Which of the following wiring distribution types, often
    found in company closets, is used to connect wiring from individual offices to
    the main LAN cabling?

    A. Patch panel
  28. Which of the following network access security methods
    ensures communication occurs over a secured, encrypted channel, even if the
    data uses the Internet?

    C. SSL VPN
  29. A technician needs multiple networks, high speeds, and redundancy on a system. Which of the following configurations should be
    considered for these requirements? (Select TWO).

    • A. Port mirroring
    • E. VLANs
  30. Users are reporting that some Internet websites are not accessible anymore. Which of the following will allow the network administrator to quickly isolate the remote router that is causing the network communication issue, so that the problem can be reported to the appropriate responsible party?

    D. Tracert
  31. A network administrator is responding to senior management direction to implement network protection that inspects packets as they enter the network. Which of the following would be used?

    A. Stateful firewall
  32. In contrast to earlier Wi-Fi speeds, which of the following
    BEST describes the antenna and channelization properties used in 802.11n?

  33. A network administrator is looking to implement a solution allowing users to utilize a common password to access most network resources for an organization. Which of the following would BEST provide this functionality?

    D. Single sign on
  34. A strong network firewall would likely support which of the following security features for controlling access?

    (Select TWO).

    • A. MAC filtering
    • E. Port filtering
  35. A CAT5e network cable run needs to be installed over fluorescent lighting arrays in an office building. Which of the following cable types would be BEST suited for such an installation?

    A. STP
  36. Which of the following wireless standards provide speeds up to 150Mbps?

    D. 802.11n
  37. Which of the following defines a rack located in an office building between the main rack and other office equipment?

    B. IDF
  38. Which of the following connectors is usable in SFP modules?

    B. LC
  39. A small office has created an annex in an adjacent office space just 20 feet (6 meters) away. A network administrator is assigned to provide connectivity between the existing office and the new office. Which of the following solutions provides the MOST security from third party tampering?

    B. VPN between routers located in each office space.
  40. Which of the following would MOST likely be used by a network administrator to test DNS resolution?

    B. dig
  41. A technician is developing a shortcut sheet for the network to be able to assist in future troubleshooting scenarios. Which of the following should the network devices have to ease manageability efforts?

    B. Static IPs
  42. A technician is troubleshooting a computer that will not connect to the Internet. The PC is connected to the network. Which of the
    following tools should the technician use FIRST to understand the NIC configuration?

    D. ipconfig
  43. A user reports that several spots within the company's office have intermittent connectivity issues with the newly installed wireless network. There are several WAPs located around the office to provide a strong
    signal wherever the users are. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

    B. Channel overlap
  44. Ann, a new user, has a workstation that has connectivity to the printer located in her department, but cannot access the Internet. The result of an ipconfig command on Ann's workstation is as follows:

    IP address:

    Subnet Mask:

    Default Gateway:

    Which is MOST likely preventing the user from accessing the Internet?

    C. Incorrect gateway
  45. A customer is implementing a VoIP infrastructure using an existing network. The customer currently has all network devices on the same subnet and would like the phones to be powered without the use of an AC adapter. Which of the following features should be enabled and configured to allow for reliable performance of the VoIP system? (Select THREE).

    A. WEP
    B. PoE
    C. VLANs
    D. SSL VPN
    E. IDS
    F. QoS
    • B. PoE
    • C. VLANs
    • F. QoS
  46. A customer is having problems connecting to a wireless network in a shared office space. The customer can detect several other
    wireless network signals. All of the wireless networks have different SSIDs but several are using the same encryption type. Which of the following should be configured on the customer's wireless network to improve connectivity to the wireless network?

    A. Change the channel to a different channel than the other wireless networks.
  47. Users at a remote site are unable to establish a VPN to the main office. At which of the following layers of the OSI model does the problem MOST likely reside?

    B. Session
  48. A network technician is setting up a wireless access point that would only allow a certain laptop to be able to access the WAP. By using ACL, which of the following would be filtered to ensure only the authorized laptop can access the WAP?

    B. MAC address filtering
  49. Which of the following is the common port used for IMAP?

    D. 143
  50. A company has just installed a new network switch for an expanding department. The company is also piloting the use of a VoIP phone system for this department. Which of the following should be enabled on the new network switch?

    A. QoS
  51. Which of the following network protocols is used to resolve FQDNs to IP addresses?

    C. DNS
  52. Which of the following network protocols is used for a secure command line interface for management of network devices?

    C. SSH
  53. Which of the following network protocols is used to transport email between servers?

    B. SMTP
  54. A user is having difficulty connecting a laptop to the company's network via a wireless connection. The user can connect to the network via a wired NIC. The technician suspects the laptop's wireless NIC has
    failed. The technician performs hardware diagnostics on the wireless NIC and discovers the hardware is working fine. Which network troubleshooting methodology steps should the technician do NEXT?

    A. Re-establish a new theory or escalate.
  55. Ann, a technician, installs a new WAP and users are able to connect; however, users cannot access the Internet. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

    B. An incorrect subnet mask has been entered in the WAP configuration.
  56. An administrator is using a packet sniffer to try to determine what is causing the traffic on the network. The administrator sees a
    lot of packets on port 25. Which of the following traffic types is MOST likely using port 25?

    C. SMTP
  57. Which of the following is the BEST way to prevent new users from connecting to a wireless access point, but still allow already connected users to continue to connect?

    D. Create a MAC filter containing the current users.
  58. Which of the following should be used when throughput to the destination network is a priority?

    B. Bandwidth
  59. Users have reported issues accessing an Internet website. The network technician wants to verify network layer connectivity. Which of the following tools can provide the verification?

    B. ping
  60. A network technician is concerned that a user is utilizing a company PC for file sharing and using a large amount of the bandwidth. Which of the following tools can be used to identify the IP and MAC address of the user's

    A. Network sniffer
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