Level G Vocab: Unit 7 Antonyms and Synonyms

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  1. allay
    syn:reduce alleviate moderate
  2. allay
    ant:aggravate exacerbate intensify
  3. bestial
    syn:animal depraved loathsome
  4. allay
    ant:human humane clement virtuous upright
  5. convivial
    syn:fun-loving jovial merry
  6. convivial
    ant:dour grim sullen unsociable
  7. coterie
    syn:clique set
  8. counterpart
  9. demur
    syn:protest object to
  10. demur
    ant:assent to consent to accept agree
  11. effrontery
    syn:gall chutzpah nerve impertinence cheek
  12. effrontery
    ant:shyness diffidence timidity
  13. embellish
    syn:ornament garnish
  14. embellish
    ant:strip mar disfigure
  15. ephemeral
    syn:fleeting transient evanescent transitory
  16. ephemeral
    ant:durable lon-lasting permanent perpetual
  17. felicitous
    syn:fortunate well-put
  18. felicitous
    ant:inappropriate inept graceless unhappy
  19. garish
    syn:gaudy flashy tawdry
  20. garish
    ant:subdued muted understated quiet
  21. illusory
    syn:specious spurious fanciful imaginary
  22. illusory
    ant:actual real factual objective
  23. furtive
    syn:clandestine covert surreptitious
  24. furtive
    ant:forthright aboveboard open
  25. indigent
    syn:penniless poverty-stricken destitute
  26. indigent
    ant:wealthy affluent prosperous
  27. inordinate
    syn:exorbitant extravagant
  28. inordinate
    ant:moderate reasonable equitable
  29. jettison
    syn:cast off discard dump junk abandon
  30. jettison
    ant:conserve retain hold on to keep
  31. misanthrope
  32. pertinacious
    syn:stubborn dogged determined
  33. picayune
    syn:inconsequential piddling trifling
  34. picayune
    ant:important significant huge gigantic
  35. raiment
    syn:apparel attire
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