1. what was the Hoabinhian
    set of archaeological assemblages found in caves and open sites SE ASIA
  2. Neolithic SE ASIA
    Neolithic: expansion of farmers from china to SE ASIA
  3. Bronze Age SE ASIA
    arrival of revolutionary technology, significant socio cultural changes
  4. Iron age
    arrives 500 BC, greater impact that bronze, plants seeds for political complex societies, increased deforestation, indian trade networks formed, social stratification evident in burials
  5. Mekong River Delta
    2nd C.E explex polity (state) called fauna situated to take advantage of india-china trade route, rulers adopted indian traits
  6. The Pyu (Tircul)
    established number of significant urban centers, spoke tibeto, script date 7th Century BC
  7. Siri Ksetra
    Bawbawgyi: solid brick stupa 153M, constructed atop 5 circular terraces 6-7th C.E
  8. Bagan
    ruins cover 42km2 1057 King Anawratha said to have conqured Mon capital of Thaton, established theravada Bughism, became place of buddhist learning centre
  9. Dvaravati
    mercantile & maritime state, acknolwedge by Chinese, people spoke Mon but used Pali and Sanskrit inscriptions, budhism dominate but hindu practiced
  10. Funan
    3 CE Fanun policy had sent 1st Trade mission to India and an embassy to china: presence of Material culture
  11. Chania
    identified by china as polity tsein-lap, competed with Faunan, politically centralised state "kuo" that was controlled by sizeable territory
  12. Cambodia (Ankorian period)
    Khmer's empire extended far beyond Cambodia, capital at Ankor filled with temples, reservoirs, waterways and stone roads, large population
  13. King Jayavarman
    King of Angkor, moved the capital, consolidated his power and eliminated other power centres, setting stage for further centralisation in Ankor Period
  14. Inavavarman
    suryavarman I, invested in road networks ensuring safe military travel
  15. Suryavarman II
    1113 became king, unified empire
  16. Jayavarman VII
    cambodia invaded by the cham of vietnam, Jay ejects them, commisioned temples to his mother, rejected hinduism substituted buddhism
  17. Cambodia post Angkor
    Angkorian empire sacked by Thais 15th CE, Thai and burmese seeking power no art
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