terms related to injury... chapter 3

  1. part of the bone is pulled away by a tendon or a ligament
    avulsion fracture
  2. fracture at distal end of the radius at the epiphysis. Often occurs when patient has attempted to break his/her fall
    Colles' fracture
  3. bone is crushed and/or shattered into multiple pieces
    comminuted fracture
  4. bone is broken and pierces an internal organ
    complicated fracture
  5. fractured area of bone collapses on itself
    compression fracture
  6. partially bent and partially broken. relatively common in children
    greenstick fracture
  7. minor fracture appearing as a thin line on x-ray. may not extend through bone
    hairline fracture
  8. broken bones with ends driven into each other
    impacted fracture
  9. fracture of epiphyseal plate in children
    Salter Harris fracture
  10. compression injury in children in which the bone does not break but buckles because of it's pliable nature. Also called a buckle fracture
    torus fracture
  11. bone that is completely out of its joint socket
  12. partial dislocation
  13. traumatic injury to ligaments of a joint, including tearing of a ligament
  14. overstretching of muscle or a tendon
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terms related to injury... chapter 3
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