Principal parts 8 irregular verbs

  1. Sum,_____, fui, ___________,a,um=to __
    sum,esse,fui,futurus,a,um= to be
  2. _______,posse, potui ----no __ Principle part= to __ _____
    Possum, Posse, potui -----no 4th principal part=to be able
  3. fio, _______,______,a,um sum = to be ______, to _______
    fio, fieri, factus,a,um sum= to be made, to happen

    NB this verb functions as the passive of facio,3io
  4. ____,velle, ____,---- (no 4th part) = to _____, to _____, to by ______
    volo,velle, volui,--- (no 4th part)= to wish, to want,to be willing

    cf. English "will" "volunteer"
  5. nolo, _____,nolui-----(no 4th part)= not to ____,to be ______
    nolo, nolle,nolui,-----(no 4th part)= not to want, to be unwilling
  6. eo, ____, ii/ivi,___,a,um=to go
    • eo, ire, ii/ivi, itus,a,um=to go
    • two perfective stems
    • used interchanged with no disdinction
  7. ______, malle,_____, ---no 4th= to _______
    • malo, malle, malui, ---no 4th= to perfer
    • this verb is contaction of magis(=more)  and volo, velle
  8. fero, ferre, ____,____,a,um= to ____, to _____, to _____
    fero, ferre, tuli,latus,a,um= to bear, to bring, to carry

    cf English "transfer" "reference" "translate" ect.
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Principal parts 8 irregular verbs