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  1. refueling shutoff is automatically controlled by ______.
    level control pilot valves
  2. _____ located in the collector tank, provides fuel delivery for initial engine startups.
    electric boost pump
  3. _____ located in the front collector tank connects both ______ and _____ to the _____.
    • manifold valve
    • electric boost pump
    • primary jet pump
    • engine feed line
  4. Fuel flow route starting at collector tank:
    • Electric boost pump or primary jet pump
    • manifold valve
    • Mx shutoff valve
    • Engine feed line
    • fuel filter
    • Firewall shutoff
    • Lo Px pump - motive line - lo Px switch
    • Hi Px pump - purge line
    • FMU
    • FF transmitter
    • engine
  5. the ____ is used to drive the primary and transfer jet pumps
    motive flow line
  6. The motive flow line routes fuel to which of the following pumps?
    Primary jet pump and transfer jet pumps
  7. The collector tank is equipped with two fuel pumps for engine geed operations. Which one is used AFTER engine start?
    Primary jet pump
  8. flip-flop valve in the collector tank allows ____ sec of inverted flight.
  9. ____ is a normal fuel flow for cruise.
    350 PPH
  10. T or F; Once the engine is running and motive flow has been activated, the boost pump is automatically turned off by the low pressure switch.
  11. The wing tanks are internally vented to each other through a _____
    cross vent line
  12. a ____ installed in the vent opening at the tip end of each wing tank will close when rising fuel reaches it.
    float valve
  13. the fuel balance system maintains balance within ____ lbs.
  14. If the EDM detects an imbalance of ___ for more than ___, the appropriate transfer (solenoid) valve is activated to close the light tank.
    20 lbs; 30 sec
  15. amber FUEL BAL illuminates and balance system will shutoff when
    imbalance is > 30 lbs for > 2 min
  16. Auto balance system may be reset for an additional ___ to balance fuel load
    2 min
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