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  1. they are charge with determining how, when, where, what and who involved in the source of infectious disease in population. also determine how to stop the spread of the disease.
  2. food infections is an example of
    point source or common source
  3. is not a communicable disease, not spread from person to person
    salmonella. example of common source
  4. communicable disease that spread from person to person. also referred to as PROPAGATED since a graphical representation of  the case number curve continues to increase over time.
    A PANDEMIC, such as H1N1 swine influenza, TB, HIV/AIDS.
  5. is the most important procedure to prevent the spread of infectious disease.
  6. temporarily present
    transient flora
  7. always present
    resident flora
  8. was the first to link an infectious disease, childbed fever, with microorganisms spread through contact with contaminated and unwashed hands
    Ignaz Semmelweis
  9. microbes that inhabit our skin must be able..
    to survive slightly hypertonic condition and slightly acidic conditions as low as pH 4.0 more generally 5-6.
  10. much less common in the skin, but present in the nares
    stap. aureus
  11. species of corynebacterium common on the skin which maybe aerobic or the anaerobic Propionobacterium living in sebaceous gland
  12. more specie that also common in the skin
    mold, yeast, bacillus species, and anaerobic cocci.
  13. transient microbiota that can transfer in a health care setting
    MRSA commonly lives in the hospital, antibiotic resistant gram negative rods, vancomycin resistant enterococcus and clotridium difficile a common nosocomial pathogen which may be spread through spores.
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