Title Records

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  1. A title search in the public records may be conducted by 

    a. anyone
    b. attorneys and abstractors only
    c. attorneys. abstractors and real estate licensees only
    d. anyone who obtains a court order under the Freedom of Information Act
  2. Which statement BEST explains why instruments affecting real estate are recorded?

    a. Recording gives constructive notice to the world of the rights and interests claimed by a party in a particular parcel of real estate
    b. Failing to record will void the transfer 
    c. The instruments must be recorded to comply with the terms of the statue of frauds
    d. Recording proves the execution of the instrument
  3. A purchaser went to the county building to check the recorder's records, which showed that the seller was the grantee in the last recorded deed and that no mortgage was on record against the property. The purchaser may assume which of the following?

    a. All taxes are paid and no judgments are outstanding
    b. The seller has good title
    c. The seller did not mortgage the property 
    d. No one else is occupying the property
  4. The date and time a document was recorded help establish which of the following?

    a. Priority 
    b. Abstract of title 
    c. Subrogation
    d. Marketable title
  5. A buyer bought a house, received a deed, and moved into the residence but neglected to record the document. One week later, the seller died and the heirs in another city, unaware that the property had been sold, conveyed  title to a relative, who recorded the dee. Who owns the property?

    a. The buyer
    b. The relative
    c. The seller's heirs
    d. Both the buyer and the relative
  6. A property with encumbrances that will outlast the closing

    a. cannot be sold
    b. can be sold if title insurance is provided
    c. cannot have a deed recorded without survey
    d. can be sold if a buyer agrees to take it subject to the encumbrances
  7. Which of the following would NOT be acceptable evidence of ownership?

    a. Attorney's opinion
    b. Title insurance policy
    c. Abstract
    d. Deed signed by the last seller
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