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  1. Abstract
    An abbreviated synopsis of a longer work of scholarship or research
  2. Adage
    a saying or proverb containing truth based on experience and often couched in metaphorical language
  3. Allegory
    story which narrative or characters carry symbolic, metaphorical, or possibly an ethical meaning
  4. Alliteration
    repetition of one or more initial consonants in a group of words or lines of poetry or prose
  5. Allusion
    a reference to a person, place, or event meant to create and effect or enhance the meaning of an idea
  6. Ambiguity
    A vagueness of meaning; multiple meanings and interpretation
  7. Anachronism
    person, scene, event, or other element in literature that fails to correspond with the time or era in which the work is set
  8. Analogy
    comparison that points out similarities between two dissimilar things
  9. Annotation
    A brief explanation, summary, or evaluation of a text or work of literature
  10. Antagonist
    character or force in a work of literature that, by opposing the protagonist produces tension or conflict
  11. Antithesis
    • A rhetorical opposition or contrast of ideas by means of a grammatical arrangement of words, clauses or sentences, as in the following:
    •  "They promised freedom but provided slavery"
  12. Aphorism
    A short, pithy statement of generally accepted truth or sentiment
  13. Apollonian
    Refers to the most noble, godlike qualities of human nature and behavior
  14. Apostrophe
    A locution that addresses a person or personified thing not present
  15. Archetype
    Abstract or ideal conception of a type; a perfectly typical example; an original model or form
  16. Assonance
    The repetition of two or more vowel sounds in a group of words or lines in poetry
  17. Ballad
    Simple narrative verse that tells a story that is sung or recited
  18. Bard
    A poet; in olden times, a performer who told heroic stories to musical accompaniment
  19. Bathos
    The use of insincere or overdone sentimentality
  20. Belle-lettres
    French term for the world of books, criticism, and literature in general
  21. Bibliography
    List of work cited or otherwise relevant to a subject or other work
  22. Bildungsroman
    A German word referring to a novel structured in a series of events that take place as the hero travels in a quest of a goal
  23. Blank Verse
    Poetry written in iambic pentameter, the primary meter used in English poetry and the works of Shakespeare and Milton. A "blank" because it does not rhyme
  24. Bombast
    Inflated, pretentious language used for trivial subjects
  25. Burlesque
    work of literature meant to ridicule a subject
  26. Cacophony
    Grating, inharmonious sounds
  27. Caesura
    Pause in somewhere in the middle of a verse, often (but not always) marked by punctuation
  28. Canon
    works considered most important in national literature or period; works widely read and studied
  29. Caricature
    grotesque likeness of striking qualities in a persons and things
  30. Carpe Diem 
    "Seize the day"; enjoy life while you can, a common theme in literature
  31. Catharsis
    Cleansing of the spirit brought about by the pity and terror of dramatic tragedy
  32. Classic
    highly regarded work of literature or other art form that has withstood the test of time
  33. Classical, Classicism
    Deriving from the orderly qualities of ancient Greek and Roman culture; implies formality, objectivity, simplicity, and restraint
  34. Climax
    The high point, turning point
  35. Coming-of-age-story/novel
    tale which a young protagonist experiences and introduction to adulthood and develop maturely
  36. Conceit
    A witty ingenious thought; a diverting or highly fanciful idea often stated in a figurative language
  37. Connotation
    Suggested or implied of a word or phrase
  38. Consonance
    repetition of two or more consonant sounds in a group of words or a line of poetry
  39. Couplet
    A pair of rhyming lines in a poem
  40. Denotation
    The dictionary definition of a word
  41. Dénouement
    The resolution that occurs at the end of a play or work of fiction
  42. Dues ex machina 
    In literature, the use of artificial device or gimmick to solve a problem
  43. Diction
    Choice of Words in oral and written discourse
  44. Dionysian
    word refers to sensual,pleasure seeking impulses
  45. Dramatic Irony
    Circumstance in which the audience or reader knows more about a situation than character
  46. Elegy
    A poem or prose selection that laments or mediates on the passing or death of something or someone of value
  47. Ellipsis
    Three periods (...) indicating the omission of words in a thought or quotation
  48. Elliptical construction
    a sentence containing a deliberate omission of words
  49. Empathy
    feeling of association or identification with an object or person
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