1. what do the gluteal region and muscles on the anterior side of the pelvis attach?
    the lower extremity to the pelvic girdle
  2. what is thigh?
    hip to the knee
  3. what is leg?
    knee to the ankle
  4. what is foot?
    distal to the ankle
  5. which are the 2 muscles that originate on the pelvis?

    **they cross the hip joint

  6. Iliopsoas) what 2 muscles composed this?

    -Psoas major
  7. which muscle is chief flexor of the thigh or trunk?
  8. Iliopsoas) Iliacus- origin
    iliac fossa
  9. Iliopsoas) iliacus- inserts
    • lesser trochanter
    • *it inserts here along with Psoas
  10. Iliopsoas) Iliacus- innervated
    femoral nerve
  11. Iliopsoas) iliacus- action (3)
    -flexes thigh

    -flexes trunk

    -helps stabilize hip joint
  12. Iliopsoas) Psoas- origin (2)
    -transverse process and bodies of T12 and all of the lumbar vertebrae
  13. Iliopsoas) Psoas- inserts
    • lesser trochanter
    • *along with Iliacus
  14. Iliopsoas) Psoas- innervated
    ventral rami
  15. Iliopsoas) Psoas- actions (2)
    -flexes thigh

    -flexes trunk
  16. where can the Psoas minor be seen?
    on the anterior surface of Psoas major
  17. Description of Psoas minor? (2)
    thin and tendenous
  18. what structure does the Iliopsoas pass deep to as they exit the pelvis?
    inguinal ligament
  19. sartorius) origin
    anterior superior iliac spine
  20. sartorius) inserts
    upper medial tibia

  21. sartorius) innervated
    femoral nerve
  22. sartorius) actions (3)
    -flexes thigh

    -laterally rotates thigh

    -abducts the thigh
  23. which muscle is the most superficial in anterior thigh?
  24. which are the 6 anterior compartment muscles of the thigh?
    -rectus femoris

    -vastus lateralis

    -vastus medialis

    -vastus intermedius

    -tensor fascia latae

    -articularis genu
  25. what 4 muscles make up the quads?
    -rectus femoris

    -vastus lateralis

    -vastus medialis

    -vastus intermedialis
  26. whats the tendon called in which all 4 muscles of quad unite?
    quadriceps tendon
  27. rectus femoris) origin (2)
    -anterior superior iliac spine

    -part of the rim of the acetabulum
  28. rectus femoris) inserts
    via pateller ligament to tibial tuberosity
  29. rectus femoris) innervated
    femoral nerve
  30. rectus femoris) actions (2)
    -extends knee

    • -helps to flex thigh
    • *at the hip
  31. vastus lateralis) origin (3)
    -greater trochanter femur

    -intertrochanteric line

    -lateral lip of the linea aspera
  32. vastus lateralis) inserts
    tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament
  33. vastus lateralis) innervated
    femoral nerve
  34. vastus lateralis) actions (2)
    -extends the knee

    -stabilizes knee
  35. which is the largest component of quad?
    vastus lateralis
  36. vastus lateralis) which side of the thigh is it located on?
  37. vastus medialis) origin (2)
    -intertrochanteric line

    -medial lip of linea aspera
  38. vastus medialis) inserts
    tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament
  39. vastus medialis) actions
    -extends the knee
  40. vastus medialis) innervated?
    femoral nerve
  41. vastus medialis) which side of the thigh is this located?
    medial side
  42. vastus intermedius) origin
    anterior and lateral surfaces of femur
  43. vastus intermedius) inserts
    tibial tuberosity via patellar ligament
  44. vastus intermedius) innervated
    femoral nerve
  45. vastus intermedius) action
    extends the knee
  46. vastus intermedius) what does it lie deep to?
    rectus femoris
  47. vastus intermedius) how does it look?
    • tendinous not muscular
    • *its muscle fibers are deep
  48. what does the articularis genus do?
    pulls the synovial membrane out of the joint on extension
  49. what structure is deep to vastus intermedius?
    articularis genu
  50. tensor fascia latae) origin (2)
    -anterior aspect of iliac crest

    -anterior superior iliac spine
  51. tensor fascia latae) inserts
    via iliotibial band into the lateral aspect of the tibia (lateral condyle)
  52. tensor fascia latae) innervated?
    superior gluteal nerve
  53. tensor fascia latae) actions (4)
    -flexes thigh

    -abducts thigh

    -medially rotates thigh

    -steadies the femur on the tibia while standing
  54. tensor fascia latae) where does it lie?
    lateral side of the hip and upper thigh
  55. what are the 5 medial compt. muscles of the thigh?
    -adductor magnus

    -adductor longus

    -adductor brevis


  56. if someone had a groin injury, which compartment muscles did they injure?
    medial compt.
  57. (adductor magnus Oblique portion) origin (2)
    -ischial ramus

    -inferior pubic ramus
  58. (adductor magnus Oblique portion) inserts
    linea aspera
  59. (adductor magnus Oblique portion) innervateed
    obturator nerve
  60. (adductor magnus Oblique portion) action (3)
    -medially rotates thigh

    -flexes thigh

    -stabilizes the thigh during ext. and flex.
  61. (adductor magnus medial portion) origin
    ischial tuberosity
  62. (adductor magnus medial portion) inserts
    adductor tubercle
  63. (adductor magnus medial portion) innervated
    tibial nerve
  64. (adductor magnus medial portion) action
    extends the thigh
  65. which muscle is the alrgest adductor?
    adductor magnus
  66. which msucle on the medial compt. is the most deepest placed?
    adductor magnus
  67. adductor longus) origin
    • -pubis close to pubic symphysis
    • *inferior to the pubic tubercle
  68. adductor longus) inserts
    linea aspera of femur
  69. adductor longus)  innervated
    obturator nerve
  70. adductor longus)  action (4)
    -adducts thigh

    -flexes thigh

    -medially rotates thigh

    -stabilizes the thigh during gate
  71. whcih medial compt. muscle is the most anterior?
    adductor longus
  72. adductor brevis) origin
    body and inferior pubic ramus
  73. adductor brevis) inserts
    • linea aspera
    • *just above the adductor longus
  74. adductor brevis) inervated
    obturator nerve
  75. adductor brevis) action (4)
    -flexes thigh

    -adduct thigh

    -medially rotates the thig

    -stabilize thigh during gait
  76. On which muscle is the Obturator nerve divided into anterior and posterior?
    adductor brevis
  77. adductor brevis) which muscle is superficial to this one?
    adductor longus
  78. pectineus) origin
    - pectineal line of the superior ramus of the pubis
  79. pectineus) inserts (2)
    -just inferior to lesser trochanter thru

    -linea aspera on the posterior side of femur
  80. pectineus) innervated
    most of the time femoral nerve but sometimes obturator
  81. pectineus) action (3)
    -adducts thigh

    -flexes thigh

    - medially rotates the thigh
  82. whats lateral and medial to the pectineus?
    L= adductor longus

    M= Iliopsoas
  83. gracilis)  origin (2)
    -inferior ramus of pubis

    -body of pubis
  84. gracilis) inserts
    upper medial surface of tibia via Pes Anserinus
  85. gracilis) innervated
    obturator nerve
  86. gracilis) actions (3)
    -adduct thigh

    -flex thigh

    -medially rotate thigh
  87. which is the only adductor to cross the knee in medial compt.
  88. femoral triangle) lateral border
  89. femoral triangle) medial broder
    adductor longus
  90. femoral triangle) superior border?
    inguinal ligament
  91. femoral triangle) floor posterior wall (3)


    -adductor longus
  92. femoral triangle) what other structures besides muscle lie within this? (3)
    -femoral nerve

    -femoral artery

    -femoral vein
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