1. what compresses the abdomen in forced expiration?
    abdominal muscles
  2. What is Valsalva Manuver?
    intra abdominal pressure that is necessary for urination, defecation, childbirth, coughing, vomiting
  3. what does the contraction of the abdominal musculature with the diaphragm when the glottis is closed produce?
    increases intra abdominal pressure
  4. which are the 3 horizontal or oblique abdominal muscles?
    -external abdominal oblique

    -internal abdominal oblique

    -transverse abdominal
  5. what is the vertical muscle called?
    rectus abdominis
  6. what is the very small triangular muscle called?
  7. Rectus Abdominis) Origin
    pubic crest
  8. Rectus Abdominis) inserts (2)
    -xyphoid process of sternum

    -costal cartilage of ribs 5-7
  9. Rectus Abdominis) innervated?
    intercostal nerves
  10. Rectus Abdominis) actions (2)
    -flexes lumbar region

    -helps to flex trunk

    *active in intraabdominal pressure
  11. Rectus Abdominis) is it paired?
  12. Rectus Abdominis) what separates this muscle in the middle?
    linea alba
  13. Rectus Abdominis) what covers it anteriorly and posteriorly?
    rectus sheath
  14. Rectus Abdominis) what are the transverse lines that create "6 packs"?
    tendinous intersections
  15. external oblique) origin
    -lower 8 ribs

    *interdigitates with serratus anterior
  16. external oblique) inserts?
    linea alba by aponeurosis
  17. external oblique) innervated?
    inner costal nerves
  18. external oblique) actions? (3)
    -compresses abdomen 

    -flex the trunk

    • -rotate the trunk
  19. which is the most superficial of the 3 oblique muscles?
    external oblique
  20. external oblique) what does the inferior edge forms?
    inguinal ligament
  21. internal oblique) origin (3)
    -lumbodorsal fassa

    -iliac crest

    -lateral inguinal ligament
  22. internal oblique) inserts (3)
    -linea alba

    -last 3 ribs

    -pubic crest
  23. internal oblique) innervated
    inner costal nerves
  24. internal oblique) actions (3)
    -helps to compress the abdomen

    -flexes the trunk

    • -rotates the trunk
    • *SAME SIDE
  25. transverse abdominis) origin (4)
    -inguinal ligament

    -thoracol lumbar fassa

    -cartilage of the last 6 ribs

    -iliac crest
  26. transverse abdominis) inserts (2)
    -linea alba

    -pubic crest
  27. transverse abdominis) innervated
    inner costal nerves
  28. transverse abdominis) action
    compress the abdomen and its contents
  29. which is the deepest oblique muscle?
    transverse abdominis
  30. what covers the anterior half of the rectus abdominis? (2)
    -external oblique

    -half of internal oblique
  31. what covers the posterior half of the rectus abdominis? (2)
    -half of internal oblique

    -transverse abdominis
  32. what are inguinal hernias?
    a protusion of some visceral structure through a normal or abnormal opening in the abdominal wall
  33. what are indirect hernias?
    the visceral structure passes through the superficial inguinal ring
  34. what are direct hernias?
    they occur through a weak spot in the abdominal wall
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