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  1. Emergency hydraulic system will be used when:
    • primary hydraulic system failure
    • engine failure
    • battery bus failure
  2. what provides the pressure in the emergency hydraulic system?
    compressed helium
  3. the emergency package's manifold contains which of the following?
    2 emergency extension selector valves
  4. what provides pressure release in the emergency accumulator?
    T-handle located in the hydraulics service bay
  5. landing gear controls is on what bus?
    battery bus; LDG GR CONT
  6. Aural landing gear tone is herd when:
    • gear handle not down, PCL below mid-range, airspeed below 120, flaps UP or TO
    • gear not indicating down/locked, flaps LDG
    • weight on wheels, gear handle UP
  7. gear WARNING SILENCE button will not work when:
    • gear UP and flaps LDG
    • gear handle UP with aircraft on the ground
  8. a red light illuminated in the landing gear selector handle indicates that the PCL is approaching IDLE, with the gear handle up, or which of the following?
    the landing gear doors are not closed
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