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  1. A hazard class name or ID number may not be used to describe a
    A. non-hazardous material
  2. A vehicle placarded for hazardous materials must have placards on _____ sides
    D. 4
  3. Who is responsible for packing, labeling, and preparing the hazardous material shipping papers for a common carrier
    A. shipper
  4. The intent of the Hazardous Materials regulation has three parts:
    1. to ensure safe drivers and equipment
    2. to communicate the risk, and
    3. ?
    B. to contain the material
  5. There are two lists that drivers, shippers, and carriers use to find out if a material is a regulated product
    One of these lists is the:
    A. list of Hazardous Sunstance and Reportable Quantities
  6. If an "X" or an "RQ" is in the HM column of a shipping paper entry, the
    A. shipment is regulated by hazardous material regulations
  7. No one may smoke around any vehicle being loaded or unloaded with
    D. any of the above
  8. Only one of these shipping paper descriptions for a hazardous material is in the right order. Which one is it
    A.Hydrogen Bromide, Non-flammable gas, UN1048
  9. A vehicle carring explosives has crashed with another vehicle.  You should not pull them apart until
    B. the explosive has benn placed at least 200 feet away from the vehicle and occupied buildings
  10. You may not park a vehicle carring hazardous materials within ____ feet of a open fire
    C. 300
  11. Before loading or unloading any explosive check the cargo space for
    D. all of the above
  12. The transport index of a radioactive material
    B. tells the degree of control needed during transportation
  13. When haulinghazardous materials, you must stop your vehicle and check any dual tires at least once every _____ whichever is less
    C. 2 hours or 100 miles
  14. To stop for railroad tracks you should stop ____ to ____ feet before the nearest track
    C. 15;50
  15. You are transporting hazardous material,When you are not behind the wheel , the shipping paper must be on the drivers seat or
    A. in the drivers door pouch
  16. If hazardous material is spilling from your vehicle, do not move you vehicle
    D. any more than safely required
  17. The hazard class of a two liter bottle of material is "Flammable Liquid" if the description also says "poison inhalation hazard" you should
    B. placard the vehicle with both the "POISON" and hazard class placards
  18. You are going to be hauling hazardous materials over a route you do not know well.  When should you check the route and the permits needed for the trip
    A. before starting the trip
  19. Carriers must give each driver who transports Class A or B explosives
    C. a copy of FMCSR part 397
  20. You should stop before crossing a railroad grade if your vehicle is carrying ___ of chlorine
    D. any amount
  21. You are hauling hazardous materials and you find that one of your tires is leaking. You must
    B. stop at the nearest safe place and fix it
  22. When shippers package hazardous materials, they must certify that this was done according to regulations. The only exeption is when
    C. the shipper is a private carrier carrying their own product
  23. When fueling a placarded vehicle someone must always be
    C. at the nozzle controlling the fuel flow
  24. Animal and human food stuffs should not be loaded in the same vehicle with
    C. poisons
  25. You must briefly leave your placarded vehicle parked on a public roadway and someone else may watch it. The person watching your vehicle must
    D. meet all of the above conditions
  26. A driver who transports route comtrolled radioactive materials must have had special training by the carrier within the last ___ years
    B. 2
  27. Whenever your vehicle is placarded do not drive near open fire unless you
    C. can safely pass the fire without stopping
  28. Cylinders containing compressed gases may only be loaded onto a vehicle if the cylinders are
    D. any one of the above
  29. When there is a hazardous materials emergency you should
    D. do all of the above
  30. Which sugnals may be used to warn of a stopped vehicle which contains explosives
    B. reflective triangles
  31. Whe transporting chlorine in cargo tanks you must have
    C. both a and B
  32. If the word "FORBIDDEN" appears in the hazard class column of an entry in the hazardous materials table
    B. a common carrier must never transport the material
  33. When handling packages of explosives you must
    D. never use hooks or other metal tools
  34. Your vehicle contains explosives, oxidizers, or flammables. No on may smoke within ___ feet of the vehicle
    B. 25
  35. Who is responsible for safely transporting a hazardous material shipment without delay amd keeping the shipping papers in the right place
    A. the driver
  36. A railroad crossing is ahead of you are hauling hazardous material.  When you stop for the crossing you can stop as far away as ___ feet from the nearest rail
    B. 50
  37. The basic description of a hazardous material incvludes the hazard class, the identification number, and the proper shipping name.  Which one must appear first on the shipping paper
    B. the proper shipping name
  38. You find an overheated tire during an enroute inspection.  If you are hauling hazardous materials, you must
    D. remove the tire and place it a safe distance from the vehicle
  39. The power unit of placarded vehicle must have a fire extinguisher with UL rating of ___ B;C or more
    B. 10
  40. If you need to placard a vehiclke for hazardous materials, at least how many placards will you need
    A. 4
  41. A dated certificate of radioactive materials training must be
    D. carried by the driver
  42. A properly prepared Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest
    C. must be signed and carried by anyone transporting a hazardous waste
  43. With most hazardous materials you may park within 5 feet of the road briefly id your work requires it. The materials which are the execption and do not allow parking this close to the road are
    A. explosive A and B
  44. You have a vehicle without racks to hold cylinders of compressed gas. You may load such cylinders only if they are
    A. loaded upright or braced laying down flat
  45. Who is responsible for finding out what permits or special routes you will need to haul hazardous materials
    A. the driver
  46. If you are in an accident involving hazardous materials you should
    B. keep all people far away and upwind of the accident
  47. You are behind the wheel of a truck carrying a hazardous material shipment. The shipping papers must be in a pouch on the driver's door or in
    B. clear view within you reach
  48. To find out if a shipment includes a hazardous material you should
    C. look at the shipping paper
  49. A vehicle contains 500 pounds each of explosives A and B. You must use
    A. explosive A placards
  50. An X in the HM column of a shipping paper entry means that
    C. the entry is for a Hazardous Material
  51. Which of the following must drivers have in their possession while transporting class A or B explosives
    A. the written route plan
  52. The total transport index of all radioactive materials packages in a single vehicle must not exceed ____
    C. 50
  53. Who is responsible for checking that the shipper corretly named, labeled, and marked a hazardous materials shipment
    D. carrier
  54. If these is an RQ before or after the item description on the shipping paper it means the
    C. carrier must report a spill of this material
  55. You need to warn of a stopped vehicle which has a tank used for flammable liquids or gasses. You may use
    D. reflective triangles
  56. You have hazardous material leaking from a container but not spilling from the vehicle. Drive to the closest area where you can get help
    D. and call emergency personal if they are needed
  57. You have loaded a hazardous material into a cargo tank. What must you do before you move the vehicle
    C. close all manholes and valves be sure they are free of leaks
  58. Which is the correct order for these items to appear on Hazardous Material shipping papers
    A. proper shipping name, Hazaed class, I D number
  59. You are hauling 2000 pound of a corrosive material. You may park within ____ feet of the road if your work requires it and the stop is brief
    A. 5
  60. A drivers dated certificate of radioactive materials training must be
    C. in the driver's possession
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