1. Electrical system includes
    • 28 VDC, 300 amp starter/generator
    • 24 VDC, 42 amp/hr battery
    • 24 VDC, 5 amp/hr aux battery
    • 28 VDC external power to bat bus
  2. starter/generator is regulated by?
    generator control unit located under GEN bus in aft cockpit
  3. generator control switched are ______ held and ____ interlocked.
    magnetically; electrically
  4. a circuit breaker labeled AFT BAT on the front cockpit battery bus circuit breaker panel controls the _____.
    rear cockpit battery bus
  5. Except of the back-up control head and UHF trasceiver, power for all avionics and radio systems in both cockpits is furnished through_____ on the right forward switch panel in the front cockpit.
    an avionics master switch
  6. when the BUS TIE switch is in the NORM position______
    generator feeds both generator/ battery bus items
  7. how to set instrument panel lighting
    • adjust the instrument panel rheostat while watching the AOA gauge, set to desired level.
    • electronic displays will match AOA gauge
  8. Light output from the instruments, control panels, and displays can be adjusted by using dimming controls located on the ___ in each cockpit
    trim control panel
  9. Lighting controls for EFIS displays, RMU, AOA indexer and GPS control panel are______.
    mounted on the individual units
  10. Hot battery bus:
    • OBOGS
    • ELT
    • CLOCKS
  11. the avionics master switch is on what bus?
    battery; AVI MSTR
  12. instrument lighting is powered from what bus?
    battery; INST
  13. Side console lighting is on what bus?
    generator bus; SIDE
  14. Flood lights are on what bus?
    battery; FLDT
  15. what instruments have auto brightness?
    airspeed, altitude, VSI
  16. utility lights are powered on what bus?
    battery; UTIL
  17. landing light is powered off of what bus?
    battery; LDG
  18. taxi light is powered off of what bus?
    generator; TAXI
  19. anti-collision lights are powered off of what bus?
    battery; COLL
  20. Nav lights are powered from what bus?
    generator; NAV
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