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  1. What are the two main main Component of respiratory system?
    Upper and lower respiratory tract
  2. what does the upper respiratory tract do?
    It filter and warms air
  3. what does lower respiratory tract do?
    does some transporting of air and gas exchanges
  4. what are the different respiration process?
    extenal, internal and cellular respiration
  5. External respiration is?
    when gas exchange is made between air and blood
  6. Internal respiration is?
    is gas exchange between blood and tissue
  7. Cellular respiration is?
    oxygen use to produce ATP, Carbon dioxide as waste
  8. Lower respiratory tract consist of:
    Larynx, trachea, right and left bronchus, aleai, bronchioles
  9. what is the function of the larynx?
    maintain open airway, routes food and air appropriately, asisit in sound
  10. Function of the Trachea?
    transport air to and from lungs
  11. function of bronchi?
    branch into lungs
  12. function of bronchioles?
    branch farter into lungs
  13. fuction of lungs?
    transport air from circulatory system to Alveoli for gas exchange
  14. what is inspiration?
    movement of air into lungs
  15. what is expiration?
    movement of air out of lungs
  16. what are the step to inspiration? Air flow in
    signal, contract, volum increase, pressure drops, and air rush in
  17. what is step to Expiration? Air flowing out
    stop nerves signal, muscles relaxes, volume decrease, pressure goes up, air rush out
  18. where do gas exchange takes place?
    in the lung
  19. what other
  20. breathing is done by the respiratory system and with the help of what other organ or system?
    bone, muscle and nerves
  21. External respiration take place in
    the lung
  22. internal respiration and cellulae respiration takes place
    in the tissue throughout body
  23. trachea also known as
  24. trachea consist of a series of
    c-shaped, imcomplete rings
  25. the trachea branches into two airways called
    left and right bronchi
  26. lung are organs of
    gas exchange
  27. gas exchange occurs in what of the lungs?
  28. During inspiration what happen?
    the rib moves upwards and outwards enlarging the thoracic cavity
  29. what happen durin expiration?
    the muscle relax and the ribs return to their relaxed position
  30. the lungs are organ containing what?
    systems of bronchi, bronchioles, blood vessels, and 300 million alveoli.
  31. Gas exchange occurs between what two part of the lung?
    Alveoli and capillaries
  32. bone and muscle of respiration includes
    ribs, intercostal muscles between the ribs, and diaphragm.
  33. what is a diaphragm?
    a sheet of muscle that seperate the thoracic cavity from abdominal cavity
  34. intercostal and diaphragm is part of what kind of muscle?
    skeletal muscle
  35. how many breath in a minute?
  36. what is the tidal volume of a single breath of air?
    500 milliliter (pint)
  37. what is vital capacity?
    the miximal volume exhale after maximal inhalation
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