Rome, Its Roads and its Houses

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  1. The Founding of Rome
    Rome was founded in 753BC by Romulus. Romulus and his twin brother Remus were both found and reared by a she-wolf and were the sons of Rhea Silvia and Mars, the god of war
  2. Location of Roman
    Situated on the Tiber River near the west coast of Italy. Although Rome encompassed seven hills the most famous of them were Capitoline hill and Palatine hill. The area in which Rome was situated was called Latium, which is where we get 'Latin' from.
  3. basilica
    law courts
  4. curia
    the senate house
  5. r├Ástra
    the speakers platform
  6. vigiles
  7. Via Appia (Appian Way) or Regina Viarum
    The most famous road. Connected Rome with Brundisium on the southeastern coast of Italy. A road leading south
  8. Via Flaminia
    lead northeast toward Umbria
  9. Via Aurelia
    a military rad running along the west coast toward Gaul
  10. atrium
    the spacious front hall beyond the entrance used as a reception room
  11. compluvium
    the opening in the ceiling of the atrium to admit light and air, since the Roman house usually had no windows
  12. tablinum
    the study or office of the master of the house, located opposite the entrance in full view of the atrium
  13. peristylium
    the open courtyard, usually with garden and columns, entered by a passageway from the atrium. The peristyle was the center of family living
  14. triclinium
    the dinning room adjoining the peristyle, containing a dinning table flanked by three couches. Bedrooms, kitchen, and bath were built around the peristyle.
  15. villae (villa)
    elaborate country homes
  16. insulae
    tenements or apartments which most Romans lived in
  17. Forum
  18. Impluvian
    the marble basin built directly beneath the compluvian, to catch the rainwater that come through the opening
  19. Roman tenements were often firetraps
  20. The temple of Jupiter was located on the Capitaline hill
  21. The Roman houses generally were poorly lit and the main source of light was by courtyards
  22. The peristyle was the center of family living
  23. The Forum contained shops, temples, and law courts
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