Evolution Test Three Part 2

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  1. The Rhagoletis fruit fly is and example of:
    Allopatric speciation
  2. genetic drift due to bottle necking will have what effect on alleles:
    It will cause only the rarest of the alleles to dissapear. The resulting population will be relatively healthy given that the population size is not so small that the species enters an extinction vortex.
  3. 3 steps of speciation:
    • 1. Isolation
    • 2. Divergence
    • 3. Reproductive Isolation
  4. Ecological isolation
    Inhabiting different parts of the environment, they don't come together and can't mate.
  5. Temporal Isolation
    Even if they come together they cant mate if they breed at different times.
  6. Behavioral Isolation
    Even if they breed at the same time they will not mate if they are not attracted to one another.
  7. Mechanical Isolation
    Even if they are attracted to one another, they cannot mate if they are not physically compatible.
  8. Gametic isolation
    Even if they are physically compatible, the embrio will not form if the egg and the sperm do not fuse properly.
  9. Hybrid inviability or infertility
    Even if fertilization occurs sucessfully, the offspring may not survive, or if it survives it cannot reproduce because it is infertile.
  10. geographic isolation
    individuals of two population of the same species cannot interbreed if they live in different places
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