1. allocate
    to distribute, to assign
  2. ambiguous
    unclear in meaning
  3. ambivalent
    undecided; having opposed feelings simultaneously
  4. amenable
    obedient; agreeable
  5. amenity
    pleasantness, attractive or comfortable feature
  6. anachronism
    something out of place in time
  7. analogy
    a comparison of one thing to another
  8. anguish
    agonizing mental/physical pain
  9. animosity
    resentment, hostility
  10. antecedent
    • someone or something that went before
    • ex)parents
  11. antithesis
    the direct opposite
  12. aphorism
    a brief, witty saying; proverb
  13. apocalypse
    predicting action; christian writing
  14. apotheosis
    elevation of devine status; perfect example of something
  15. appreciate
    to increase in value
  16. apprehensive
    worried; anxious
  17. misapprehension
  18. appropriate
    to take without permission
  19. aptitude
    capacity for learning; natural ability/talent
  20. arbitrary
    random; capricious (tending to change abruptly without apparent reason)
  21. arcane
    mysterious; known only to as elected few
  22. archaic
    extremely old, ancient, out dated
  23. archetype
    original model or pattern
  24. ardent
    passion at; enthusiastic
  25. arduous
    hard; difficult
  26. artifice
    a clever trick; cunning
  27. ascendancy
    supremacy; domination
  28. ascetic
    practicing self-denial
  29. assiduous
    hard working; busy; quite diligent
  30. assimilate
    to take in; to absorb; to learn thoroughly
  31. astute
    shrewd; keen in judgement
  32. attrition
    gradual wearing away, weakening, or loss; a natural or expected decrease in numbers or size
  33. audacity
    boldness; reckless daring
  34. augment
    to make bigger; to add to; to increase
  35. auspicious
    favorable; promising; pointing to a good result
  36. austere
    unadorned ; stern; forbidding
  37. autonomous
  38. avarice
    greed; excessive love of riches
  39. avow
    to claim; to declare boldly; to admit
  40. avuncular
    like an uncle, especially a nice uncle
  41. awry
    off course; twisted to one side
  42. axiom
    • a self evident rule or truth; a widely accepted saying
    • ex) "everything that is living dies"
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