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  1. Richter’s hernia
    incarcerated or strangulated hernia involving only one sidewall of the bowel, which can spontaneously reduce resulting in gangrenous bowel and perforation within the abdomen without signs of obstructoin
  2. Littre’s hernia
    hernia involving meckel's diverticulum
  3. Pigelian hernia
    hernia through the semilunaris
  4. Pantaloon hernia
    hernia exists as both direct and indirect staddeling the inf epigastric vessels
  5. grynfeltt's hernia
    hernia through Grynfeltt-Lesshaft triange (super lumbar triange)
  6. petit's hernia
    hernia through Petit’s triangle (inferior lumbar triange)
  7. Bochadalek's hernia
    hernia through the posterior diaphragm
  8. Morgagni's hernia
    anterior parasternal diaphragmatic hernia
  9. Cooper's ligament
    pectineal line of the pelvis
  10. Poupart’s ligament
    attaches from anterior superior iliac spine to the pubic tubercle
  11. nissen wrap
    360 degree wrap
  12. toupe wrap
    180 degree
  13. Hill repair
    : aka posterior gastropexy, uses the arcuate ligament to reestablish the intra-abdominal position of the distal esophagus
  14. collis-nissen
    cut the stomach to lengthen the esopagus
  15. heller myottomy
    repair of zenker's diverticulum
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