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  1. What is Thatcher effect?
    A part of facial such as mouth and eyes are turn upside down as well as the imagine it self. Imagine look normal when upside down but when it's right side up it abviously noticable that imagine is wrong.
  2. Whers is memory located?
    menmories is scatter through out the brain.
  3. How is memories connected?
    memories are connect thru Neural network.
  4. Who is Henry Molaison?
    Person who get his hippocampus removed and suffers from antrograde amnesia.
  5. What is retrograde Amnesia?
    lost of past memories
  6. what is antrograde amnesia?
    lose ability to creat new memories
  7. Richard thompson?
    eye blink condition
  8. what did Joseph thompson discover?
    emotion engram are in amygdala
  9. what is priming?
    nonconcious process
  10. how to encode effectively?
    pay attention, use cue, active processing
  11. generation effect?
    items that are generated are easier to recall later
  12. The enactment effect?
    people are good at remembering body movement. if your doing something its more like that u will recall it.
  13. procedural memory are process in what area?
    Cerebellum and amygdala
  14. three type of retrieval?
    Free recall, cued recall, and recognition
  15. what is serial position effect?
    items at the beginning and end of easier to recall
  16. how long does sensory memory last?
    Spit second and fade away
  17. sensory memories goes to?
    Short term memory
  18. what is chucking?
    method of group together to help remember
  19. what is working memory?
    operate over few second, temporary storage, manipulate information and focus attention
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