Bio Quiz 11/5/13

  1. TRV=...
    CRV (current reproductive value)+RRV (residual reproductive value)
  2. 3 key life history characteristics or adaptations that influence natality
    • age at first reproduction
    • litter or clutch size
    • reproductive events per lifetime
    • -semelparity vs. iteroparity
  3. Population growth
    • sex ratio
    • generation time
    • age structure- the proportion of individuals in each cohort
  4. niche
    Each species in a community plays a unique role in the structure and function of the community
  5. Based on equations derived by Lotka and Voltera, Gause argued that...
    • two species cannot occupy the same niche
    • Lotka-Voltera equations
    • Gause's principle of competitive exclusion
  6. Fundamental niche
    the niche an organism is theoretically capable of occupying or using
  7. Realized niche
    the actual niche that an organism occupies due to interactions with other species in the community
  8. Intraspecific
    within a species
  9. interspecific
    between species
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Bio Quiz 11/5/13