PLSC Exam 2

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  1. Light reactions occur in the ________, and light independent(dark or Calvin cycle) reactions occur in the ________.
    thylakoid membrane, stroma
  2. Photorespiration
    when we don't have enough CO2, so O2 can jump in and using RuBisCo can make another chemical that's useless or even harmful.
  3. Evolutionary solutions to photorespiration
    CAM plants and C4 plants`
  4. Light Dependent Products and Reactants
    Reactants:water, ADP and  NADP produced fom the Calvin cycle being recycled along with water and sunlight.

    Products: O2 (released), ATP and NADPH
  5. Calvin Cycle Products ( one turn gives...)
    • 2 G3P, 3ADP, and 2 NADP+
    • the G3P are org. molecules that are eventually turned in to glucose
  6. RuBP is what?
    Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate. a 5 carbon that combines with carbon dioxide in the Calvin cycle to produce a 6 carbon compound
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