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  1. An object has a _____ charge if it has extra positive charges.
  2. What do you call a charge that stays on an object?
    static electricity
  3. Which kind of charges move? positive or negative
  4. How do 2 objects with different charges react to each other?
    They attract, or pull each other.
  5. How do 2 objects with the same charge react toward each other?
    They repel, or push away from each other.
  6. What are the parts of the circuit system in a flashlight?
    battery, switch, and a lightbulb
  7. Why does one disconnected bulb cause the other lights to go out in a series circuit?
    There is only one path for the current to follow.
  8. How does removing one bulb from a parallel circuit affect other bulbs in the circuit?
    The other bulbs can still light because current continues to flow along the path.
  9. What supplies energy in an electric circuit?
    electric cells
  10. There are 2 charges.  What are they and their symbols?
    • Positive +
    • Negative -
  11. a measure of the extra positive or the extra particles that an object has.
  12. the charge that stays on an object
    static electricity
  13. means not moving
  14. the space where electric forces occur around an object.
    electric field
  15. a flow of electric charges
    electric current
  16. a path that is made for an electric current
  17. supplies energy to move charges through a circuit
    electric cell
  18. a material that current can pass through easily
  19. an example of a conductor
    the base of a bulb
  20. a material that current cannot pass through easily
  21. example of insulator
    a coat
  22. a material that resists but doesn't stop the flow of current
  23. a circuit that has only one path for the current
    series circuit
  24. more than one path for current to travel
    parallel circuit
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