Texas Real Estate

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  1. Police Power
    Government right to regulate and control the character and use of property for the health, safety and general welfare of the public
  2. Zoning
    Local laws to control land use
  3. Master Plan
    A comprehensive guideline for the long-term physical development of a particular area - mixed land use is designed to meet the needs of future residents
  4. Non-Conforming Use
    A permissible use under former rules that is now prohibited - automatically granted when zoning regulations change
  5. Variance
    Permission to violate current zoning regulations - obtained by a hearing
  6. Buffer Zone
    An area of land separating one land use from another incompatible use such as residential from commercial
  7. Building Codes
    Regulations regarding specific construction requirements - plumbing electrical, etc.
  8. EIS
    Environmental impact statement - a study done to determine the effect of a proposed project on a community
  9. Eminent Domain
    The right of government to take private property for public use
  10. Condemnation
    The action of the government in taking private property under the right of eminent domain
  11. Inverse Condemnation
    The action of an individual trying to force the government to buy his property
  12. Taxation
    The right of government to tax real property
  13. A Valorem
    According to value - real property taxes are ad valorem taxes
  14. Assessed Value
    Property value for tax purposes - (tax rate x assessed value = tax)
  15. Mill
    A tax rate per $1,000 (assessed value ÷ 1,000 x mills = tax)
  16. Assessment Rolls
    Books showing the assessed value of all properties in the tax district
  17. Special Assessment
    A tax levied against only those property owners who benefit from a government improvement such as curbs, or sidewalks
  18. Municipal Improvement District
    An area within a municipality that is taxed for a specific improvement - unlike a special assessment, property owners were permitted to vote for the improvement district to be created
  19. Escheat
    The right of the government to take real property if an owner dies without a will and with no heirs or no kindred
  20. Riparian Rights
    The right to use water from a river or stream that borders a property
  21. Littoral Rights
    The right to use water from a lake or ocean that borders a property
  22. Prior Appropriation
    A theory of water law stating the first landowner to claim riparian rights has the exclusive right to take all the water for specific beneficial uses
  23. Appropriative Rights
    Water rights under prior appropriation
  24. C,C & R's
    Deed covenants, conditions and restrictions are private controls of land use, development, methods and materials for construction, including style and appearance requirements in some cases
  25. Declaration of Restrictions
    The recorded document outlining the c,c & r's for a particular area of land
  26. HOA Regulations
    Deed restrictions for condominium complexes
  27. Injunction
    A court order to cease, stop, or refrain from acting - can be used to enforce c,c & r's
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