Chapter 8 Personality Theories

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  1. Epigenetic
    A term drawn from the field of biology. It is used wherever there is a step-wise sequence of development that is genetically determined by requires specific environment conditions for successful completion. Erikson applied the concept of epigenetic stages to human psychological development.
  2. Identity diffusion
    An unclear and often fluctuating sense of who one is and what one's values and goals are.
  3. Negative identity
    Refers to a commitment to aspirations, values, and roles that are deemed unacceptable by society. The individual makes undesirable and dangerous choices. A person may be inclined to choose a negative identity to relieve a sate of chronic identity diffusion.
  4. Psychosocial moratorium
    A period during which a person, usually and adolescent or young adult, explores a range of opportunities without the need of immediate commitment.
  5. Ritualism
    Mechanical and stereotyped activities-just "going through the motions" without including feelings or a sense of deeper meanings. Ritualism leads to an individual's estrangement from the self and from the community.
  6. Ritualization
    The "informal and yet prescribed interplay between person, with adaptive value for all participants and for the group living." These patterns of behavior confirm the meanings by individuals estrangement from the self and from the community.
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