Geog 182A: Lec 2

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  1. "The Pristine Myth: Landscapes of the Americas in 1492"
    • -the idea that in 1492 the Americas were pristine, or to say, they were unviolated.
    • -This idea works off of the premise that it is the settlers who sullied the land and started the erosion and deforestation.
    • -Idea derived from 19th century romanticism 
    • -largely incorrect , far too general
    • -many native Americans highly populated the lands and disturbed the area already
    • -depopulation because of diseases, the environment recovered 
    • -A good argument can be made that the human presence was less visible in 1750 than it was in 1492.
  2. Natives and sickness
    • -lacked immune resistance to small pox, common flu, animal diseases
    • -population is 30% of what it was in 192 by 18th century
  3. Mayan Agriculture
    -slash/burn rainforest
  4. Incan agriculture
    • -irrigation system
    • -fertilizer:bird poop
  5. Aztec agriculture
    • -floating gardens
    • -grew crops in swamp
  6. Fuegian Indians
    • -Southern tip of South America
    • -only eat shell fish
    • -went extinct
  7. Pampean Indians
    -lived on natural grasslands
  8. Guanacos
    -humpless camels
  9. Rheas
    -largest flightless bird native to south america
  10. Alpaca vs Llama
    -alpacas have short ears and are smaller
  11. Swidden agriculture
    • -slash and burn agriculture
    • -fire is key element
  12. Viticulture
    take part of a plant away and plant that somewhere else
  13. Sea culture =
    Mexico and Central America
  14. Inca system
    • -Machu Piichu is the core of it all
    • -in central of Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Peru
    • -had maps, roads, and runners
    • -less populated than central valley of Mexico
    • -harder to grow basic vegetables because was way up in the mountains
  15. South America domesticates
    • -Guinea pig for meat
    • -llams
    • -opackas for whool
  16. Emergence of Spanish Empire
    by 1519 Hernando Cortez arrived at Veracruz and Tenochtitlan fell in 2 years
  17. where European culture starts
    • -Spanish come in Dominican Republic first
    • -Haiti in 1492
  18. -How did a generally well fed, sophisticated culture collapse in 2 year period? (Tenochtitlan)
    • -Most of it is because of disease, and the psychological issues too.
    • -Imagine if you had never seen anyone on horseback in crazy armor. Must have been remarkable psychological challenge
  19. Machu Piichu isn't found until
  20. Tenochtitlan becomes
    Mexico City
  21. Muscovy Duck
    • -large duck native to Mexico, central and south america
    • -used to control pests
    • -originally grown for food
  22. Manioc
    • -major staple
    • -used to make bread
  23. Chinampas
    • -grow crops on shallow lake beds
    • -floating gardens
    • -Aztecs
  24. Taclla
    • -Inca
    • -plow tool 
    • -stilt like
  25. Potosi
    • -located in southern Bolivia
    • -mountain produced nearly all of the silver by the Spanish
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