psychology 9 key terms chapter 9

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  1. anorexia nervosa
    Eating disorder that involves the relentless pursuit of thinness through starvation.
  2. bulimia nervosa
    Eating disorder in which the individual consistently follows a binge-and-purge pattern.
  3. hormones
    Powerful chemical substances secreted by the endocrine glands and carried through the body by the bloodstream.
  4. hypothetical-deductive reasoning
    Piaget's formal operational concept that adolescents have the cognitive ability to develop hypotheses, or best guesses, about ways to solve problems.
  5. imaginary audience
    Part of adolescent egocentrism in which adolescents believe that others are as interested in them as they themselves are; includes attempts to be noticed an
  6. personal fable
    Part of adolescent egocentrism that involves an adolescent's sense of uniqueness and invincibility.
  7. puberty
    Period of rapid skeletal and sexual maturation that occurs mainly in early adolescence.
  8. service learning
    Form of education that promotes social responsibility and service to the community
  9. top-dog phenomenon
    The circumstance of moving from the top position in elementary school to the lowest position in middle or junior high school
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