psychology 9 chapter 8

  1. Which is the CORRECT statement about self-esteem?

    B) Children with high self-esteem have greater initiative
  2. Erikson's stage describing socioemotional development for people in middle and late childhood is called __________.

    B) industry versus inferiority
  3. Which of the following is an important developmental change in emotions during the elementary school years?

    D) increased tendency to take into fuller account the events leading to emotional reactions
  4. When 8-year-old Jenny states, "I know I will be able to read that book as long as I practice reading every night," she is demonstrating __________.

    A) self-efficacy
  5. _________ is the ability to manage one's behavior, emotions, and thoughts that lead to increased social competence and achievement.

    D) Self-regulation
  6. Which of Kohlberg's levels of moral development involves full internalization of moral values?

    B) postconventional
  7. According to Kohlberg, in the __________ stage, moral thinking is tied to punishment.

    B) heteronomous morality
  8. Carol Gilligan's central criticism of Kohlberg's theory of moral development is that __________.

    A) he inadequately considers the care perspective
  9. The belief that young girls should be "sugar and spice and everything nice" is a __________.

    A) gender stereotype
  10. Recent studies suggest that societal changes are leading females to be more __________.

    B) assertive
  11. According to your textbook, which of these statements regarding gender roles is TRUE?A)Researchers have found that high-masculinity adolescent boys never engage in problem behaviors.
    B)Pollack suggests that boys actually benefit from bottling up their feelings.
    C)Bem argues that androgynous individuals are more competent.
    D)Masculine and androgynous orientations might be less desirable in traditional academic and work settings because of the achievement demands in these contexts.
    C)Bem argues that androgynous individuals are more competent.
  12. When examining children's peer status, we find that __________ children are frequently nominated both as someone's best friend and as being disliked.

    B) controversial
  13. _____ children engage in low rates of interaction with their peers and are often described as shy by their peers.

    A) Neglected
  14. Jacob finds his relationship with Akira exciting and amusing. Which function of friendship does their relationship fulfill?

    B) stimulation
  15. Which of the following is NOT a special problem faced by schools in low-income neighborhoods?

    A) more experienced teachers who have become bored
  16. To improve relations between ethnically diverse students, Eliot Aronson suggested __________.

    A) using cooperative techniques of a jigsaw classroom
  17. The __________ approach is a learner-centered approach that emphasizes the importance of individuals actively constructing their knowledge and understanding with guidance from the teacher.

    B) constructivist
  18. One of the key criticisms of the constructivist approach to teaching and learning is that it:

    C) does not give enough attention to the content of a discipline.
  19. In a __________ mindset, children believe that their qualities can change and improve through effort.

    C) growth
  20. Pat is described as assertive, nurturing, powerful, and sensitive. Pat's gender role classification would best be described as __________.

    D) androgynous
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