Geog 182A: Lec 1

  1. Mercantilism
    • -Mercantilism was a theory of trade stressing that a nation's economic strength depended on exporting more than it imported.
    • -You need a colony to do this for support and for raw materials to manufacture.
    • -sea power
    • -large, working population
  2. Rio De La Plata
    • -Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and part of Brazil
    • -"River of Silver"
    • -2nd most important river after Amazon
  3. Caudillos
    • -Highest party or faction leader
    • -conservatives 
    • -used military force to hold society together
  4. Pre Columbian use of bird dung
    • -19th century capital started coming from Europe.
    • -Dirt pockets being carved away and sailing ships taking it to fertilize fields in Peru, America, and Europe.
  5. The so called beginning of colonial period
  6. Colonial is centuries of domination by
    Spain and Portugal in the western hemisphere
  7. South America colonial real estate split
    • -between Portugal and Spain
    • -Large part(Brazil) is Portuguese speaking and the rest is Spanish
  8. Spain and Portugal fight more
    diplomatically not on ground
  9. Basic system of economic policy that is followed by Spanish and Portuguese
  10. Creole Spanish colonial culture are people born in
    the Americas, and more closely identify with Americans. And makes them want to think more like Americans and De-colonization.
  11. Argentina gets head start on independence because
    -its in South Atlantic
  12. 1820 was the ______period
  13. What does it mean to be liberal or conservative in colonial era? (South America)
    • 1. Liberal
    • -wanted to see kings no longer in power
    • -believed in a democratic system of government
    • -wanted to go outside the box and change 
    • 2. Conservative
    • -wanted to stay inside the box
    • -didn't want to see any change
  14. Federalists idea
    build up resources with what's in the region itself
  15. Uruguay economic model
    • -becomes great economic country and are a great model
    • -called the Switzerland of South America
  16. Environmental determinism
    • -human activity, culture and society is determined by the physical environment 
    • -Europeans thought they would be better in temperate areas instead of tropical areas.
  17. Uruguay has an _______population
    • aging
    • -limited family size
  18. Maize
    -wonder crop of South America and central valley of Mexico
  19. Wheat and Potatoes
    • -high elevations
    • -Andes
  20. The _____current brings cold water to tropics
  21. El Nino
    -warmer temperature along South America coast
  22. Tierra caliente
    • -tropical climate
    • -hot
    • -bananas and cherries grown
  23. Tierra Templada
    • -temperate climate
    • -coffee, wheat, corn grown
  24. Tierra Fria
    • -cool lands
    • -potatoes, barley, corn
  25. Alexander von Humboldt
    • -German scientist 
    • -father of modern physical geography
  26. Aime Bonpland
    • -French botanist 
    • -explored with Alexander von Humboldt
  27. Eden idea
    things have been a certain way for a long time and things changed when “we” came along (Spanish, and Portugese)
  28. East coast climate
    • -heavily affected by Humbolt/Peru current; brings cold water into tropical climates
    • -El nino warm waters
  29. Vegetation types in South America
    • -Tropical basin in Amazon rain forest 
    • -Grasslands around Uruguay, Argentina, etc
    • -Tropical rainforest in the north vs natural grasslands in the south
  30. Tropical rainforest climate and environment
    • -higher temperature 
    • -very humid
    • -canopy of trees
    • -everything goes faster
    • -multi layered
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