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  1. The engine cowling does all of the following except ______.
    the engine to the frame
  2. The purpose of the inertial separator is to ______.
    keep debris away from the engine
  3. The compressor and power turbines are physically connected.
  4. What three elements are necessary for engine operation?
    Air, fuel, heat
  5. T or F; As exhaust is released, additional thrust is provided.
  6. T or F; Once the engine is started, and the ignition switch is in the ON position, igniters are automatically
    energized and de-energized by the PMU.
    False; on = continuous ignition
  7. The primary purpose of the ignition system is to ______.
    ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber
  8. T or F; Friction control settings made to the front PCL affect the aft PCL.
  9. When starting the T-6A, the PCL should be ______.
    pushed forward until a green ST READY annunciator is illuminated
  10. The PMU is located ______.
    underneath the engine, in the accessory compartment
  11. The PMU performs the following functions:
    processes power request and keeps engine and propeller within operating limitations
  12. The PMU STATUS annunciator illuminates after landing when the PMU ______.
    needs maintenance
  13. T or F; After engine start, the starter becomes a generator.
  14. T or F; The MANUAL starter switch position will be used under normal circumstances.
    False; AUTO/RESET for normal circumstances
  15. If oil pressure is ______ psi or below at IDLE power, the red OIL PX annunciator will illuminate.
  16. If oil pressure remains between 15 and 40 psi at IDLE power for more than 5 seconds, ______ will be
    the red OIL PX annunciator
  17. The chip detector sensor is located ______.
    in the reduction gearbox
  18. The oil system provides filtered oil to all of the following systems, EXCEPT ______.
    wheel brakes
  19. The reduction gearbox reduces engine output from ______ RPM to propeller speeds of ______ RPM.
    30,000; 2000
  20. The phase shift torque probe monitors ______.
    propeller speed
  21. The PIU ______.
    regulates oil pressure to the pitch change mechanism
  22. If the propeller pitch change mechanism loses oil pressure, the propeller will automatically move
    towards the ______ position.
  23. Varying levels of thrust are achieved by ______.
    changing propeller pitch
  24. The PMU ______.
    keeps the engine and propeller within operating limits
  25. If the oil filter gets clogged _____.
    the system uses unfiltered oil
  26. In straight-and-level flight, for PCL positions above IDLE, oil pressure should be maintained between
    ______ and ______.
    90; 120 psi
  27. The phase shift torque probe is located ______.
    in the reduction gearbox
  28. Propeller pitch refers to ______.
    the angle of the propeller blades
  29. Which propeller position produces the least amount of drag?
  30. The propeller pitch change mechanism is able to change propeller blade angle by ______.
    oil pressure
  31. The PMU directs the PIU to maintain propeller RPM at ______.
  32. The power turbine is driven by ______.
    expanding gases
  33. During aerobatic flight, oil pressure should be maintained at or above ______.
    40 psi
  34. Amber PMU STATUS
    • On ground: fault
    • Flight: mistmatch between weight on wheels switches, will not revert to ground mode upon landing
  35. red PMU FAIL
    amber PMU STATUS
    PMU is not functional
  36. PMU power
    permanent magnet alternator; 32 VAC PMU converts DC; PMA fails, 28 VDC battery bus
  37. Starter/ Generator provides
    28 VDC power; charges 24 VDC battery
  38. amber OIL PX
    • Idle: 15-40psi or
    • 40-90psi for 10sec above Idle
  39. red OIL PX
    • Idle: <15psi
    • Idle: <15-40psi for 5sec or more
    • above idle: <40psi
  40. 100% torque is available for sea level to ___
    12,000-16,000 MSL
  41. 100% Np = ___RPM
  42. Overspeed governor will not allow propeller RPM to exceed _____%/ _____RPM
    106%; 2120 RPM
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